CERI Rapid Response Group

Current Plan Version 20111116

Meeting Notes October 31, 2011

Meeting Notes October 24, 2011

Current Plan Version 20070910

Supporting Documents

Plan Assessment Tool to be completed after each activation of the plan.

One page Event bullets.

Need ETSZ and WVSZ one page event bullets

Need tectonic summaries for NMSZ, WVSZ and ETSZ. Others?

Other resources

UM Office of Crisis Management

NEIC/RSN Action Items for response following a significant earthquake.

Meeting notes

Notes from September 14, 2009

Notes from November 13, 2008

Notes from October 9, 2008

Notes from November 1, 2007

Notes from August 31, 2007

Agenda 20070831 Including original charge.

PPT for CERI General Meeting September 18, 2009