Rapid Response Group
Meeting Notes October 24, 2011

Attending: M. Withers, S. Horton, H. Deshon, O. Boyd, D. Steiner, M. Smith, H. Withers

The RRG met to conduct a post-event review for the August 23 Mineral, VA earthquake. We will reconvene on Monday October 31 at 1:30pm to complete the review and finalize recommendations.

Most components of the plan were accomplished but the plan was not formally invoked.

Talking points were not created nor distributed. It would be easy to forward the NEIC Executive Summary, when available, to faculty. We need to keep faculty informed early so they can participate in interviews and identify themselves as available.

We should construct a specific interview succession list that lists, in order, those to whom requests for interviews should forwarded.

The voicemail intro was not modified. We need to make sure this gets done in the future, especially if the event is after hours. We also need to make sure instructions are distributed for modifying the intro and processing the voicemails.

Coordination of event parameters with NEIC did not go as smoothly as we would have liked. The primary source of confusion was likely a result of the NEIC thinking the event was in the NE region.

Coordination of field deployment among multiple institutions was accomplished by the field people and went well. A mystery USGS committee was governing the geometry of the real-time arrays. As a result the real-time stations were deployed in a linear array and the non-real-time stations were deployed to optimize afershock location. This is the reverse of the ideal since locations are of greater immediate interest and attenuation studies are traditionally done post-deployment. We should be more proactive in the future, with regard to gaining "a seat at the table" during the development of deployment plans.

Interviews and information requests from a very large geographic area were fulfilled by Gary, Mitch, Chuck, and others.

All key people were at CERI at the time of the event. As a result, overall the response went very well.