Rapid Response Committee
Meeting Notes November 1, 2007

This meeting was focused on a one page event fact sheet produced by Natasha and Buddy. Natasha performed an informal poll of non-science acquaintances to provide input on what questions to answer. A requirement is that it fit on a single page. Its thought that this could be produced within twenty minutes of a significant earthquake.

An action item for the committee members is to review Natasha's bullets and provide feedback on suggested enhancements.

Along with the bullets will be an epicentral map. It should include relevant cultural features and earthquakes from the catalog. It should be sophisticated enough to illuminate the most relevant information yet simple enough for Electronic media to use. Weather maps are one example. The GIS maps Richard Dart makes for the event posters are also a good example.

Given pending software changes to the ANSS seismic networks, we need a short term (12 months) map that will be replaced by a better one when the new capabilities and products are available. Mitch will make an example GMT to show to Kathy and ask her for a GMTable ascii list of cultural features such as metro areas, highways, etc.

Schedules are very tight during November and December. So we'll kick around ideas electronically on the bullets and Mitch will send an email query on availability in very early January to set up the next meeting later that month.