Rapid Response Group
Meeting Notes September 14, 2009 Attending: Withers, Horton, Deshon, Boyd, Tuttle Absent: Patterson

On advice from the CERI Director, the primary membership of the RRG was contracted to six. Outside advice may be obtained as necessary.

The USGS is developing a new National Post-Earthquake Response Plan. We would like to coordinate the CERI Rapid Response plan with the USGS plan. As the impact of an earthquake becomes greater and the media response wider in scope, we expect to transition from the CERI plan to the USGS plan. At what point(s) does this transition occur and how is it done?

The NEIC is backup for the RSN when the RSN is compromised. This relationship is informal and Mitch is looking into formalizing it.

Need to review CERI plan and update as appropriate. The plan deliberately does not name specific people. However a non-publicly-distributed list should be included of at least primary and secondary people for each role along with after hours contact info.

Should there be a call down list (e.g. CERI Director, USGS leadership, etc)?

The USGS Memphis office is developing a Continuity of Operations Plan (CoOP) and would like to coordinate with CERI in this regard. Questions that arose during the discussion include:

We would like to apprise the CERI community of the existence of a Rapid Response Plan. Mitch will seek room on the General Meeting Agenda.