Rapid Response Group
Meeting Notes October 31, 2011

Attending: M. Withers, S. Horton, H. Deshon, O. Boyd, M. Smith, G. Patterson

This was the second, and hopefully final, meeting of the RRG to conduct the post-event review for the August 23 Mineral, VA earthquake.

Gary could have used assistance in prioritizing interview schedules. The new E&O coordinator (CEOC) will assist in this role for future events. The search is ongoing to fill the position.

The plan calls for an Information Coordinator. This role will be filled by the CEOC. Rather than staff a specific desk, calls can be forwarded to the CEOC's office.

The interview succession list was discussed briefly. It needs to be clearly stated that people on the list may or may not be available for any given event so instructions need to be clear that the list is nominal and event dependent.

In some respects, communication with USGS was not optimal. From an RSN perspective, USGS seemed somewhat insular. This was possibly a result of confusion over what authoritative region the event was in.

Mitch will adjust the plan to reflect observations form these two meetings and distribute to the committee for comment and approval.