Rapid Response Group
Meeting Notes November 13, 2008

Attending: Withers, Horton, Deshon, Boyd, Dry, H. Withers.

The committee discussed Heather's draft (version 200811) of a Rapid Response Plan Assessment Tool. It is, to use Heather's words, "highly reductive" in that it is essentially a 1-to-1 questioning of actions taken on each item in the plan. Some in the group argued that a formal assessment should be done for every event greater than magnitude 3 regardless of whether the plan was implemented, and others argued that no assessments are necessary and the group need only meet to address criticisms of the response. As a compromise, the group agreed to complete the assessment tool for the Mt Carmel earthquake of April 18, 2008. Everyone will send the completed form to Mitch, or completed for areas with which each are familiar and/or responsible. Mitch will combine them for a review and assessment of the assessment at the next RRG meeting.

Mitch gave a brief status report of the RRG progress at the November 3 CERI R&O meeting. The question was asked: "who do we call?" That is, when the plan is not implemented, and there is a call about a felt report that could indicate the need to implement the plan, then to whom should the call be referred. The suggestion was made that a call down sheet be posted at the reception desk and updated weekly (or as needed but at least reviewed at regular intervals). There was no resolution so the issue is deferred to the next meeting.

Mitch distributed example NEIC Executive Summaries. The RRG is tasked with reviewing the format and content of these summaries--particularly the tectonic summary. Everyone should email Mitch with feedback so he can collate it and forward to the NEIC. In most cases, the executive summaries should be available soon enough so that they could replace the talking points outlined in the previous meeting.

The NEIC wishes to improve coordination between the NEIC and Regional Seismic Networks (RSN) following significant earthquakes. Harley distributed a draft plan at the October ANSS meeting in Boston. The RRG should send feedback to Mitch who can then collate and forward on to the NEIC. This is primarily geared toward the analysis and verification part of our Rapid Response Plan. The "event coordinator" is not the same as our "media coordinator" nor the same as the the "event coordinator" in the NEHRP post earthquake plan. Its an ANSS coordination effort and in nearly all cases, will be Mitch.

The next meeting will be TBD in January 2009.