Account and Network
Why do I have 3 computer accounts?
How do I change my password? What do I do if I forgot my password?
What is a group/workgroup?
What computers can I use?
What computer am I using?
How do I log in from home?

Files and Data
What is gaia?
Where can I store files?
Can I see other people's files?
How can I let other people see my files? Prevent other people from seeing my files?
How do I share files with someone off campus?
How much space do I have?
Are my data backed up? How do I back up my data?

Where can I get help and report a problem (admin/application)?
How do I print a document/What printers are available?
How do I maintain a web page?
How do I access email?
What is umdrive?

Can I install new software?
Will CERI buy software for me?
What applications do we have? How do I to use them? Where do I get help with them?

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