Can I install new software?

Yes, assuming it is legal and that it does not require Administrative privileges on a machine for which you don't have them. Otherwise you'll have to submit an ARS to have the software installed for you.

Will CERI buy software for me?

No but your supervisor/advisor might. Alternatively if a sufficient number of people show a need and the software is determined to be a good use of CERI general funds, you may be able to convince Chris Powell or Arch Johnston to contribute the necessary funds.

What applications do we have? How do I to use them? Where do I get help with them?

Ouch. This is not an easily answered question. A partial list of applications is at You might also check University site licenses at

For some applications, various faculty and staff maintain the software. This is done to assure current versions are installed and proper operation is maintained (a computer system administrator is not necessarily the best person to know when there are new versions of SAC much less how to verify that it actually works). Nevertheless, use of them is still done seemlessly through the network and you shouldn't have to worry about adding extra configuration or start up modifications. Without exception, these are all applications on the Solaris netework and include:
Sac, Chuck Langston,
GMT, Mitch Withers,
Antelope, Paul Bodin,
MatSeis, Chuck Langston,
Some I likely forgot about.

Several handy Solaris applications, both downloaded and homegrown are also maintained by Mitch Withers in /gaia/smeagol/local/bin.

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