CERI at The University of Memphis, TN
SLU at St Louis University, MO

Location, Contact, and Address:

Cooperative New Madrid Seismic Network recorded at University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, and at Saint Louis University, St Louis, MO

Mitch Withers (withers@ceri.memphis.edu) 901-678-4940
Bob Herrmann (rbh@eas.slu.edu) 314-977-3120

3904 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38152

Network Characteristics:

84 Analog stations, mostly short-period, three component, covering the New Madrid Seismic Zone in southwest Missouri, eastern Arkansas, and western Tennessee

18 broadband, three component covering area similar to the short-period network. These are all either CMG-40T or CMG-3ESP with either DM-16, DM24, or Q780 digitizers.

Analog data are digitized by National Instruments PCI-MIO-16E-4 a2d and we use a single AMUX64T mux (the remote nodes are equipped with dual muxes). We have installed an SMBI backplane to the mux to facilitate wiring, guid, and clock, and to reduce noise. The a2d is installed on a pentium running NT Server 4.0.

Current near-real-time data exchange includes processing nodes at Cape Girardeau, MO (SLU), St Louis, MO (SLU), Blacksburg, VA (VPI), Hickory, NC (CERI), Columbia, SC (USC), Charleston, SC (USC), New Madrid, MO (CERI), Lennox, TN (CERI), Marked Tree, AR (CERI), and Golden, CO (USGS).

Standard Earthworm Modules Currently in Use

running at ceri on interface machine:

running at ceri on alarm machine:

typical node modules:

Also running the oracle dbms schema2 and webserver. webserver also includes two instances of heli_ew. SLU has experience with q2ew.