Graduate Admission at the University of Memphis

All prospective students applying to Graduate Programs at The University of Memphis are expected to meet criteria established by the Graduate School. This link also includes instructions for foreign applicants.

In addition, CERI students are enrolled in an academic program, usually either Geophysics, or Civil Engineering. Geophysics students are officially in the Department of Earth Sciences. Engineering students are in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Additional requirements for students have been established by the Department of Earth Sciences for Geophysics students.

Similarly, there are additional requirements for Civil Engineering students.

Additional information on graduate studies is available at the University of Memphis website:

To request an application packet or further information email or call (901)678-2007.

Or write:
Center for Earthquake Research and Information
Attn: Carol Bowker
3876 Central Ave Ste 1
Memphis TN 38152-3050