Steve Horton's
by the sea

Research Overview:
I study earthquakes especially their source characteristics and their effects on the built environment. Quantifying earthquake hazard  and understanding the occurrence of earthquakes particularly in the Central US is an important research focus.

Outreach Overview:
I am invovled in a number of community outreach activities. I hold Earthquake Town Meetings in at risk communities in the central US. I am working to
formalize plans with emergency management agenciesin the Central US to open information clearinghouses following significant earthquakes.

Current and Recent Research Projects
Seismotectonics of the New Madrid Seismic Zone:

Aftershock studies:

bhuj earthquake
A tea hut near Anjar, India. Following the Mw=7.7 Bhuj Earthquake of 26 January 2001, CERI deployed a temporary seismic network to record aftershocks. See Aftershock link for details.

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens
Explanation: Mount St. Helens from south west following steam eruption. A network of eight broadband seismometers was installed at Mount St. Helens in October 2004 to record seismic activity associated with the dome-building eruption that began on September 23. The Cascades Volcano Observatory installed two broadband seismometers northwest of the Mount St. Helens crater in October 2004. CERI installed six temporary stations at complimentary azimuths to provide better coverage of the eruption at about the same time. CERI removed the temporary stations in May 2005. See Mount St. Helens link for details.

Ambient Ground Motion Vibration

TP observations

Explanation: Observations of the Horizontal to Vertical power spectral ratio of ambient ground motion from 3 Basins. The H/V peaks are correlated with sediment thickness in each basin. All 3 show similar trends suggesting that the process that produces the peak in the ratio is similar in each basin. And that the seismic proerties of the sediments in each basin are also similar. We hope to include more observations from basins worldwide. See Ambient link for details.