GPS data processing with GAMIT/GLOBK

GAMIT/GLOBK is a comprehensive GPS analysis package developed at MIT and Scripps for the estimation of three-dimensional relative positions of ground stations and satellite orbits. The software is designed to run under any UNIX operating system supporting XWindows. The primary output of GAMIT is a loosely constrained solution (H-) file of parameter estimates and covariances which can be passed to GLOBK for  combination of data to estimate station positions and velocities and orbital and Earth-rotation parameters.

The workshop is organized in 6 classes/units and can be taken as a self-study course as well.

Units/Lecture Notes

Unit 1 Introduction to GPS
Unit 2 Computing loose constrained solutions using the GAMIT modules (Reviewed)
Unit 3 GAMIT control tables and Q-file
Unit 4 Automatic batch processing using sh_gamit
Unit 5 Testing coordinate repeatabilities using the GLOBK modules
Unit 6 Combining local and global quasi-observations
Unit 7 Scaling errors and computing velocities


Mark Murray
Maurizio Battaglia