Tech Staff Meeting Notes November 16, 2017

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated October 2017


News & Highlights

NMAD to a severe lightning strike. The media converters weren't grounded as well as they could have been and were damaged. There was also minor damage to three discriminators. Otherwise we lost no major components and only expendable components in the surge suppression were damaged.

NetOps IX is March 20-21, 2018 at UW Seattle. It will focus on AQMS

Sent updated Emergency Contact list for chemical storage areas to EH&S. Awaiting new placards. Need to renew annual training for everyone that handles hazardous materials.

We discussed John's wiki and the need for a central document repository. What John has is very good for ET and works for him because its easily accessible from NC. But for other documents a directory in /gaia/data/seisadm may be more appropriate. A vpn needs to be established for remote access.

Development continues between VLF and Francis on a 16-bit raspberry pi based ISIS sensor system with timing (DISIS?). Mitch successfully tested pulling data from the ringserver with slink2ew.

PNSN developed an interface for the IRIS QC tool Mustang ( Its called mustangular and is on github


SIS is fully operational for Memphis stations. Now each person needs to keep it up to date for equipment for which they are responsible (from the June 2014 Duty Table):

Make sure Mitch gets an email for any equipment change that will generate a SIS update. Philip Crotwell has an app that let's you do updates on your phone.

CBHT is still showing as active. James will check the ondate for CBHS and use the day prior as the offdate for CBHT. We'll then check to see if this is automatically updated in the IRIS mda. Mitch verified that IRIS was notified on 4/26/17 of our switch to SIS and they said they are now pulling updates from SIS.


SFTN had its signal cable cut by a bulldozer. Affects the EH? channels.

There is a set of very large silos interfering with the MKTA DBB path that causes occasional droputs. The choices are raise the MKTA end, raise the SFTN end, or add a repeater. The problem is not sufficiently severe to warrant that level of effort at this time.

PC's at mttn and hpnc have "puffy caps" and need to be replaced.



Misc Problems

Misc Problems
LCAR.HH* - dropping out
X801 - battery
X901 - battery

Have a site for MORT2 about 10' from the original.

OXF was heavily vandalized. Chris got it going again but it needs significant additional work to harden it. Mitch will contact ASL.

There was an email discussion on the history of OXF which led to digging up the MOU from 1993. Mitch checked with Dave Wilson at ASL and it may be possible to replace the MOU, which is endorsed at a fairly high level within USGS, with a "station agreement" which is less formal.

I40 Bridge comms.
Received radios for some links. Need to reestablish contacts with law school and get that link going. Need to get a firewall for aztnworm.

NODE Tasks



Put an iboot at MKTA?



Need to tune the NMAD node receivers (its been a couple decades).

AZTN/HDBR: Need to pull the 200' sensor at the weigh station. Probable water damage.


Flooding in the expansion space has become a problem. A Workorder was submitted and P-plant engineers were on-site to assess the problem. The most likely solution will be a retention wall and removal of material to make the foundation above grave. There are several open work orders. Jim will make a prioritized list and speak with zone supervisor.


SHTN is back online. The powersupply board was allowing outgoing traffic but not incoming.

CVVA us back but it needs a new data card. Steve formatted one and sent it to John for installation.

Replacement station for GTTN and RBNC being evaluated and permissioned for Southern Highlands Science Learning Center at Purchase Knob (MaggieValley), a part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. John found a possible new site with line of site to English Mountain. Need to see what resources are on the Mountain.

Need to remove antennas, coax, and any other hardware from the tower at Greentop. John and Chris will schedule a trip.



Misc Problems
DSNC - reversed polarity ?
GFM - reversed polarity ?

CPCT: New cables show the sm sensor has a bad channel and needs to be replaced.

John's updated todo list .


Current camera is not compatible with any current browser. John will see if utility will provide a new one.

Improve RCGA AC power and perform maintenance work on shed.

Move PMTN due to excessive noise and vandalism. The trees at Lone Mountian are too tall to get a signal out. Looking for an alternate site.


New plan for GFM is to keep it at existing location and convert to digital with a trillium compact which enables using the existing vault thereby minimizing the amount of hardware and supplies that need to be hiked in.


Need to isolate the XP box behind a ubiquiti router.

WMTN pit needs to be moved due to erosion.

Freewave upgrades at CPRT and repeater cort went smoothly. The upgrade forces https but be sure to disable the guest account afterward.


Repair damaged radome and ancillary damage at RLAP

AG Network

Need to replace obsolete routers at all AG stations. The ubiquitis are good but run hot and are power hogs.

HHAR needs a bigger solar regulator. The new one should last a year.


The FDL wiki is here:


The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.

The seisnet wiki is at You will need your uuid and password.