Tech Staff Meeting Notes May 4, 2017

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated June 2014


News & Highlights

Fish Fry will be Friday May 5, Cinco de Mayo. Cost remains $6. We have 53 people signed up. Thanks again to Jim Dorman for his generous donation. Arch and Gary also donated.

Arch asked about updating the signpost outside the middle house.

We continued the discussion on ISIS3 upgrades. The raspberry shake use ntp for timing which makes accuracy good to about 10 ms which is not good enough for our purposes. Jim contacted Francis, his Argentian colleague who has developed a raspberry pi based 12-bit das with GPS timing attached to 3-c L-28. Its possible we could link VLF with Francis to come up with a package that suits our needs. All sw should be open source. A 16 or 24-bit DAS is preferred. Dave mentioned that there is a vendor who has a digital 216MHz radio which would help immenseley with telemetry (in ET too).


SIS is fully operational for Memphis stations. Now each person needs to keep it up to date for equipment for which they are responsible (from the June 2014 Duty Table):

Make sure Mitch gets an email for any equipment change that will generate a SIS update. Philip Crotwell has an app that let's you do updates on your phone.


GX620 at mttnworm needs to be visually checked. All others with "puffy caps" have been repaired. We have five spare motherboards.



Misc Problems
BOAR - spikes
CPAR - "
LRAR - "
LVAR - "
TMAR - "
TYAR - "
HCAR - "
RVAR.EHE - see image

Low solar dropouts have several different sources though common problem is an extraordinarily overcast January. Other factors include mis-wiring, ISIS3 xmiters draw more power (so need more solar), AGM's have problems with low power charge, etc. Jim's spreadsheet shows 9 stations that need an upgrade, 10 on the edge, and 13 that need to be checked.
Need to accomplish this task as we visit each station for the annual PM.

Need a site for MORT2.

There was an email discussion on the history of OXF which led to digging up the MOU from 1993. Mitch checked with Dave Wilson at ASL and it may be possible to replace the MOU, which is endorsed at a fairly high level within USGS, with a "station agreement" which is less formal.

I40 Bridge comms.
The Afar radios from Jim Smith work well. We'll need two access points at the Law School connected to a pair on the bridge. The DAS's on the bridge will communicate with each other under the bridge. The access points automatically balance the load between the two. Jim Smith will start the process to make the purchase.

The spectre routers have a relatively short character limit for url's. But when you change a config using the web interface with the obsidians, they try to resend the entire configuration using a url and its gets truncated when coupled with a spectre router. So make sure the configs are correct because it requires a site visit to change them.

NODE Tasks

All nodes are due a firmware upgrade that will sufficiently change things such that the the initial upgrade and configure should be done at CERI, then swap hardware at the node. This will be done as machines are replaced.

DBB: DBB upgrade is essentially complete. Need to replace the thinwire at SFTN which is artificially restricting bandwidth for the entire DBB. Recent inclement weather has been an excellent stress test and the new system passed with flying colors. No apparent dropouts.


Replace siding on equipment hut.

Property at MKTA node will possibly be sold. Chris is looking into to it to make sure we can retain our presence. Growth of antenna farm on top of the silos suggests we're safe.

Getting interference at the node causing spikes in CPAR, LVAR, LRAR, and TYAR.



Add a firewall rule to allow local access to tower hardware.

AZTN/HDBR: Need to pull the 200' sensor at the weigh station. Probable water damage.


Flooding in the expansion space has become a problem. A Workorder was submitted and P-plant engineers were on-site to assess the problem. The most likely solution will be a retention wall and removal of material to make the foundation above grave. There are several open work orders. Jim will make a prioritized list and speak with zone supervisor.


Need to schedule three primary ET trips for spring-early summer.

High Peak is scheduled for the week of May 22. Do the Maggie Valley test at the tail end of the same trip.

Replacement station for GTTN and RBNC being evaluated and permissioned for Southern Highlands Science Learning Center at Purchase Knob (MaggieValley), a part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Noise study picked up compressor noise from a nearby air quality station. John has the hardware to isolate the compressor. Take a CMG6TD and test to see how much the noise is reduced. No need to do a full noise test, just look for the compressor.



Misc Problems
CPCT.HN* - see image
ASTN.HNZ - see image
MGNC.EHZ - see image

CPCT had the RT147 replaced but still has problems. ASL placed an order for the cable.

GMG has had a power upgrade, new batteries, new solar contoller, and better surge suppression. And it still went down on 1/18. James can get to the radio at the station which is on a separate power feed than the reftek. Jim will send a new BC10 and John will investigate.

John's updated todo list .


Improve RCGA AC power and perform maintenance work on shed.

Move PMTN due to excessive noise and vandalism. The trees at Lone Mountian are too tall to get a signal out. Looking for an alternate site.


HPNC node is up. Need to fix Win7 to allow earthworm commands (e.g. status, restart etc) from the ssh command line. 9 channels(GFM, MGNC, and DSNC) are being exported over a cell modem temporarily until internet is established. Competion of fiber and supporting hardware should be done, we're told, by late April. Need to add the node end of the radio link for GFM2.

GFM2 is good to go. It will be a reftek with S-13's. Do we need to take student volunteers to help with the GFM decommission?


WMTN pit needs to be moved due to erosion.

CPRT comm reconfig. John says, "CPRT is going through the Senior Center at Corryton (cort). We removed everything from svfd an everything but what is on the tower at gttn. cort is indeed using dynamic addressing but data is flowing. Greg Hill the director at the senior center is supposed to be contacting his IT person to see what can be done. I left a message for Greg last week but still haven't heard back. I want to get Greg's IT guy in direct contact with either Steve or James so they can figure it all out."


CVMS has intermittent connection problems with wireless. Its hardwired for now but the wireless needs to be replaced to preserve electical isolation between the building and vault.

AG Network

U40A upgrade to AG standard is complete. Only Z41A remains, tentatively scheduled for week of May 8.


Needs some clean up.

The FDL wiki is here:


The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.

The seisnet wiki is at You will need your uuid and password.