Tech Staff Meeting Notes March 14, 2005

Current Top Priorities are:GPS, Station Maintenance, I-40 bridge

There are four levels of priority.
PrioritiesWish to try to get these done before the next meeting (yeah right)
Second TierFit this in too if an opportunity arises. May be good to do instead of priorities but check with Mitch. Likely to be a priority in a previous and/or subsequent month
As Time PermitsFit these in when you can but not instead of first or second priorities
OtherStuff we hope to get to and don't want to forget about


Reelfoot. Landowners are uncertain as to pending remodeling. We can get a key to the building. We'll go ahead and reinstall existing and then change as the need arises.
Troy. Done. (note, this station is now referred to as Hillcrest).
Mineral Area College. Need to replace it with an IP ready receiver. The snag here is that all the receivers need to get serviced under an RMA and Smalley doesn't want to install any until that is done.


Need to find out when to do these.
Began swapping all sensors; Filipcic is taking the lead and keeping records. First 3 went to Wurth. Next three will go to Parker. Filipcic will try to get a time frame and if its too long, Parker will get Charleston going again without swapping.

Routine Maintenance. Still have two broadbands and several short period stations that need repair.

I-40 Bridge. Power failure fixed. AC will get switched to the new system in mid-April. Both broadband boreholes are not straight enough to install the sensors. Steiner has a custom accelerometer package that should fit. One digitizer is not networking; probably the network card. Remote reset is not user friendly and Steiner will develop a better way. Many loose ends to complete when we can get a lane closure; probably about 2 or 3 weeks of work remaining. Steiner will cobble together a development/test system for Brewer. Steiner provided the DSP filter description to Mitch; might be able to solve for poles and zeros.

Second Tier Priorities

SWET. Backonline but hardware needs replacing. Withers contacted Benz and upgrades are going to happen but we don't know when (probably not soon).

TZTN. Done. Mitch will contact Alena regarding episensor so we can get SLU's returned to them. Parker will install the gate at his leisure.

BB network upgrade. Radios are supposed to ship Mid-March. Gee, where have we heard that before. Filipcic and Steiner will work on getting a huddle test going in the bb test vault with rs422 to a new multiport lantronix terminal server in the computer room. Dave at Utah has freewave demuxing software that will considerably simplify things at the nodes; Greg will see about getting it to Brewer

FDL. Not discussed at this meeting.

CVTN and ASAR optical isolation. Need to upgrade to year 3 hardware. Hardware ready. Filipcic needs to install.

Blohole tree fell down. Reckon we really do need to reinstall now.

John has 3 stations in east TN and 2 in North Carolina to install. Would like to get some help over there to do this and to get LRNC back online.

McGoldrick will acquire station decals to provide name and contact information.

As Time Permits

House 2 panel. Done. Need a wiring diagram to determine what if any improvements to make.

Battery charging station. Need a hood and eyewash.

Cowcamps pit is done. A tower is being constructed at the top of the mountain that have handshake permission to get on.

Pressure wash and paint MKTA equipment hut.


FDL flooding. P-plant is allegedly on this. Plan was to clean out swale. WARNING: telephone and internet fiber are buried there within about 18 inches of surface.

MPHB. Withers needs to determine current orientation so we can pull it and orient correctly. Helicorders look strange. Need to verify the data.

BB Test Facility. Need to install wiring and electronics (see note above on BB upgrade huddle test).

Timing. Steiner has an easy way to generate a datastream that goes high when lock is lost. Need a mask to decide what streams to use. Need mechanism to produce alarms. BB stations more difficult. How do we automate the status stream or even get it back to Memphis for logging? (Save it to file with Scream?). Note, new version of firmware sends status to both flash and stream. Hence, information will be in gcf2ew logs, but how do we monitor that? Maybe not a huge deal with broadbands since both Bollwerk and Brewer regularly monitor. Would still be good to have a record though.

North Carolina station refurbish. Keep node at LRNC. Modify to be the same as a New Madrid node and minimize internet bandwidth required.

VBMS. Proposal is under review and on hold pending vault decision.

long term routine calibration effort. Need to balance ideal with practical.