ToDo List March 2005


Broadband 24 bit upgrade                                 Status: (Partly on hold- Qualtron Radios)

VHF Radio’s, mid March

New breakout bd (holding for VHF radio configurations)

Telemetry plan(holding for VHF radios)

Huddle test existing cmg-40’s with dm-24 in BB test vault(should be occuring)


Bridge Installation                                           Status: (Active)

Autozone remote control reorganization

Build 3c accelerometer for downhole

Fix telemetry antennas

Check batteries and ac power issues

Fix non working site


Field deployment lab                                           Status: (mostly on hold- G Patterson/P plant)

Flood proofing(pending Gary Patterson P Plant )

Lean to clean out(pending Gary Patterson P Plant )

Reorganization and restocking

6 cmg-6 gps suppressors (or redo of existing GPS)


BB test Vault                                                       Status: (anytime)

Install power and data wiring

Install ventilation and internal lighting and ladder

PDF’s for test instruments as a diagnostic tool


Digital backbone                                 Status: (anytime)

PM trip to all sites


Battery charge station                                    Status: (anytime)

External hydrogen vent

Eyewash station plumbing


Network issues                                                    Status: (anytime)

GPS timing system time error flags at recording nodes

Part of overall node diagnostics system?

System Calibrations


New Madrid tower site brush hogging Status: (soon)


Langston Infrasound                                            Status: (unknown)

Provide design services?????

Provide assembly services????


North Carolina USNSN site                          Status:(active)


Comp room Upgrades                                               Status: (????)

Old earthworm upgrades


Greganti Projects                                 Status:(active)

Student area reconfiguration

2nd building electrical mapping

2nd building electrical upgrades