How to scan a document to email or FTP
using the CERI network scanner

The Brother MFC-8870DW network scanner, located in CERI house 1 (3904 Central Avenue), is pictured below:

Brother MFC-8870DW
 [In the following document the term ADF refers to the "automatic document feeder",
which is the feed tray you see where the orange sheet of paper is sitting]

Network scan to email documentation
Network scan to email documentation
FTP scanning documentation

         At CERI you should use one of the provided profiles

FTP scanning directions

Some useful tips and information concerning how best to utilize the CERI network scanner:

   Name & (UUID)       
 One-touch Key

ASMEROM, Biniam (bbasmerm)         37
AYELE, Solomon (stayele)           11
BATEMAN, Jeremy (jbateman)         39
BOLLWERK, Jim (jbollwrk)            3
BOWKER, Carol (clbowker)           19
BREWER, Holly (hbrewer)             4
BREWER, Steve (sbrewer1)            5
BROADBENT, Tanya (tbrodbnt)         6
CHIU, Christy (scchiu)              7
CHIU, Jer-Ming (jerchiu)            8
CRAMER, Chris (ccramer)             9
DAVIS, James (jpdavis)             10
DEBULA, Robert (rdebula)            2
DeSHON, Heather (hdeshon)          12
DUNN, Meredith (mmdunn)            14
GRANT, Buck (egrant)               16
HORTON, Steve (shorton)            17
JAMERSON, Leonard (ljamersn)       18
JOHNSTON, Arch (ajohnstn)          20
KUTLIROFF, Jerome (jkutlrft)       21
LANGSTON, Chuck (clangstn)         22
LAWRENCE, Zack (zlawrenc)          23
LIANG, Chuntao (cliang)            24
LIN, Ting-L (tllin)                25
MAGNANI, Beatrice (mmagnani)       26
MARSHALL, Deshone (dlmrshll)       38
McCALLISTER, Natasha (nramsey)     27
McGOLDRICK, Chris (gmcgldrc)       28
MITCHELL, Leah (lmmtchl2)          29
MORAN, Nathan (nkmoran)            30
POWELL, Chris (capowell)           31
PUCHAKAYALA, John (jpuchkyl)       32
RABAK, Ivan (irabak)               33
SEDAGHAT, Al (asedaght)            34
SMALLEY, Bob (rsmalley)            35
SMITH, MICHELLE (mesmith)          13
SPIKES, JENNY (vspikes)            15
TUCKER, Kathleen (ktuckerl)        36
WITHERS, Mitch (mwithers)           1