Dr. Boyd Software

Earth structure

  • EarthParam  — returns Earth's physical parameters for a given depth profile (Matlab).
  • MinVel  — calculates mineral and aggregate elastic parameters at given pressures and temperatures (Matlab).
  • TomoSVD  — solves 3-D tomographic problems with singular value decomposition (Matlab and C).

  • FDWave  — calculates 2-D and 3-D finite difference wavefields for fully anisotropic media (Matlab).
    8-26-08 Minor efficiency improvements, added anelasticity and ability to solve 1-D problems.
  • bb  — beach-ball diagram of earthquake focal mechanism(s) (Matlab).
    3-28-08 Input can now either be strike dip and rake or the six independent moment tensors
Seismic Hazard

  • USGS Hazard Codes  — official USGS hazard codes used for the 1996 national seismic hazard maps (Fortran90 for SunOS).
  • OpenSHA  — an interactive application allowing the user to evaluate various elements of probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (Java).
General utilities

  • Shift  — shifts 1-D series (Matlab).
  • Gauss  — generates gaussian series (Matlab).
  • Gauss2  — generates a gaussian surface (Matlab).
  • FilterG  — filters series by convolution with a gaussian (Matlab).