USGS Tectonic Summaries for the CEUS excluding the northeast.

Static Polygon Map.

Static Polygon Map With Quakes.

Static Polygon Map With Quakes and New ETSZ polygon.

Polygons in GoogleEarth kml format. Download and open with GoogleEarth to view the polygons associated with the below summaries.

New ETSZ polygon kml format. Download and open with GoogleEarth.

Summaries are included in USGS event pages when magnitude criteria are met. If an event is outside any polygon, the CEUS background text is used. Please ignore the json formatting characters.

Background, json object ID 15

Anna, json object ID 44

Central VA, json object ID 13

Giles Co., json object ID 3

Illinois Basin, json object ID 2

Northeast Ohio, json object ID 10

NMSZ, json object ID 37

NY-Philadelphia-Wilmington Corridor, json object ID 38

Washington D.C. - Baltimore Corridor, json object ID 11

Carolinas, json object ID 34

Charleston, SC, json object ID 45

ETSZ, json object ID 1

Lancaster, PA, json object ID 36

Mitch's notes while download the summaries and polygons.

Go here (See geoserve_screengrab.png for an image of the map) and use the layers button at the top right of the map to include the tectonic summary layer. Once you manually enter a location on the map by clicking on the circle icon in the upper left of the map, then you will have an icon on the map you can move around and put within each polygon to get the coordinates of that point in the polygon.

Once you have a set coordinates from the step above, use them to enter a url search to get the json for that point (that is within a known tectonic summary polygon). For example, the Carolinas are returned from this query: