To do 6/27/88


Install Computer Room U.P.S.


Install Guralps


Install Sunk Lands Stations


Install Jonesboro Station


Install Marked Tree Station


Move EBZ > PMM


Install PWLA Horiz


Do XMIT test From NBC, FCCR


Design Timing System


Design PAN DA JR.


Write PAN DA Book


Make Field Kit Boxes


Overhaul S.P. Drums


Overhaul Develcorder


Locate and Calibrate MARSN/SARSN Stations


Determine Seis GBTN, SMTN, PKNC, HOGG


Install Intercom


Lightning Rods 3904 Central


Sign –Bit recording System Design


Olyphant Tower




Fix Bad BDS, Radios


Service Monitor P.O.


Fall P.M. Trip & Calibration







To Do 12/7/88


Do Guralp noise Study


Install MTA C.R.


Install Sunklands Station


Move EBZ to PMM


Do Xmit tests from NBC and FCCR


Design new timing system


Design Panda Junior


Write panda book


Make field kit boxes


Clean up MEQ’s


Install short tower CERI and move antennas


Determine seis at HOGG


Install intercom


Repair BA BDS


Install Dyersburg station


Install Jonesboro rptr




Improve OLY XMIT


Fix hole lock


Shake table P.O.


Calibrate MARSN


Organize Deployment Center


HT for second garage


Build temp shed over well


Arrange storage alt to D.R. house Alcoa


Repair S-13


Tower at OLY




Build spray booth 3876


































To Do List 11/5/89


Move status board to new building


Clean and calibrate 4) triple drum recorders


Move triple drums


Disconnect and deactivate develocorder


Install phone line and remove radios for ENGR building system


Move Richardson towers box


Install Richardson Towers phone lines




USGS interconnect package design


Write PANDA technical manual


Install SMA at Mud Island   ?


Service Marked Tree SMA


Service Memphis SMA


Design and install printer cabinet


Design and install visual record shelves


Design and install digital shop benches


Design and install electronic shop benches


Install shake table and benches


Dark room and camera room modifications


Storage room shelves


Mech shop work tables


Power switching system- equipment packs


Develop film storage


Design keying system 3 buildings


Install lightning rods on building 1


Build new timing distribution system


Install COMPAQ rack mount


Upgrade to Halon system


El Dorado telemetry system


Loopback switch circuit


Rebuild Guralp winch


Layout shop space


Inventory checking


Build spare boards


Build P.C. etcher and silk screen facilities


Analog earthquake locator


Mini-blinds 2 rooms 3876


Concrete base Dr.Chang


Shower curtain



  1. Guralp Noise Study


  1. Reinstall Jonesboro Station


  1. Jonesboro repeater – 55-80 instillation


  1. Marked Tree repeater


  1. Marked Tree Receiver at NBC


  1. Dyersburg CC Install Radios + Recorder


  1. Sonklands Station


  1. Transmitter Tests From NBC + FCCR


  1. Visit PGM, LGAR, OCY,HOGG + Calibrate


  1. Field Kit Boxes for M.E.Q.’s


  1. Repair Radios


  1. Repair Bad Boards – Field Book


  1. Fix WSSR, CCUA, BBG (Atett) ETT.


  1. Improve OCY Xmit


  1. Shake Table Cal System


  1. PDAs Evaluation


  1. Gin Poce


  1. Seismogram Cabinet


  1. Panda Jr Design


  1. Timing System Remodeling


  1. Memphis Strong Motion Project


  1. Network Evolution


  1. New Building Plans


  1. Moves with 3904 Expansion


  1. New Zealand Project


  1. Panda – Rehab


  1. New Madrid Deployment


  1. Auto Board Testing


  1. Sign – BIT Recording System


  1. Terminal Repairs


  1. Outage Reports


  1. Status Board Repairs


  1. Outage Reports


  1. Closet for storage


  1. Finish Tiling Buddies Ceiling


  1. Format for EDM to re communication       Mar 12


  1. 3 – C Gunnep Question


  1. Compaq A- D for gurmacp


  1. Sarsn – Marsn – response change 10HZ PL


  1. P – P XMTR Move


  1. New Lighting for Area Outside Darkroom


  1. Additional Surge boards – 50 board


  1. Locate MARSN + Sarsn


  1. Intercom install


  1. Move Equip. To new expansion


  1. Displays + Exploits


  1. Dark Room modifications


  1. HT’s with modifications


  1. Monitron test set


  1. phone net for mac net apple tac


  1. OATA Cable in office


  1. Fix Masscomp DR – 200’s operational for Gurrlp study


  1. Panda Batteries


  1. recording room ceiling


  1. new SMA site for Alcoa


  1. Fix Gerber Scales


  1. Toolbox for 3904 – Lock Drawer De


  1. Basement Paint and Plaster


  1. Reader + printer stand


  1.  Telerhone Transformer switch + loopback power


  1. Carrier Tapes rehab


  1. Iris?


  1. Printer for ENGR. 1 or 2


  1. UPS modification for ridgely


  1. Fix  Up – Display            Fix up Display


  1. Complete 3rd shake table


  1. Fisher Price Doll House Maintenance


  1. Building wave form models repay


  1. Cork on Marsh/Sarsm Board see Jill


  1. VR-60 peus 4-6


  1. Order ink


  1. Key for Christy’s Desk


  1. Comm Analyzer questions


  1. PWLA conversion


  1. 8-5-13 repair


  1. Move EBZ to PMM site study


  1. SMTN alternative


  1. Discriminator mounting for Jonesboro and DSCC


  1. Move carrier tape Playback


  1. Helicorder Pen Repairs


  1. Replace Com Ra Bulb


  1. Learn gould analyzer


  1. development sys reconfig


  1. Complete TODD move


  1. Update Status BD


  1. FIV PC


  1. EPROM


  1. PC board software and schematic


  1. configuring new PC’s






5/11/89 To Do List


  1. Remove station at Bunker Hill


  1. Fix PLUA (at PKNC?)


  1. Reinstall GURALPS


  1. Prepare for building construction


  1. Sunklands stations


  1. Reconfigure MARSN for radio


  1. Equipment repair boards and radios


  1. Build time comparator


  1. Shake table system equal and req


  1. Improve OLY XMIT


  1.  PANDA JR design


  1. Timing system remover


  1. PANDA rehab


  1. New Madrid deployment


  1. Auto board test


  1. Status reports    automation


  1.  GURALP Noise study


  1. Status borad update and repairs


  1. Locate MARSN, SARSN


  1. Intercom


  1. Move equipment out of construction area


  1. Martin RCU for DTRN


  1. GOTAGE reports


  1. Compaq A-D


  1. SARSN/MARSN change for NSN


  1. Fix masscomp


  1. Record room  ceiling


  1. Concrete sidewalk


  1. ACCOM SMA site


  1. Gerber scale repair


  1. Order ink


  1. Move EBZ-PMM new PWLA RPTM’s


  1. Move SMTN


  1. Helicorder pens


  1. Development system Reconfig


  1. Greg’s PC


  1. TKL Radio RPTR


  1. Convert Met to phone line


  1. Design field Discr.


  1. Design dual gain proamp


  1. Design dual U.C.O.










To Do List 6/26/89


  1. Refurbish PANDA


  1. Install GURALPS


  1. Design AMP-VCO unit for MARSN/SARSN


  1. Install Richardson Tower Equip?


  1. Clean MQA’s


  1. Service ALLEn Steam Plant SMA


  1. Ridgecy deployment


  1. Locate MARSN/SARSN


  1. SARSN repair trip—PLVA, SMTN, BRHTN, ETT


  1. Evaluate shake table BIDS


  1. Install high power XMIT at OLY, re-do OLY


  1. out age reports 2nd q


  1. Time comparators construction


  1. Sunklands stations


  1. Revr at UTA for DRTN


  1. USNSN node design


  1. SMA site selection


  1. SMTN alternative site


  1. Clean Pen Motors


  1. Lubricate drive motors


  1. finish intercom


  1. sign—Bit System


  1. Memphis strong motion project


  1. Seismic pier mounting bolts


  1. MLGW power—new bokping mods


  1. darkroom modifications


  1. new building cabinetry


  1. moveable storage and shelving archive room


  1. halon system upgrade


  1. clean comp room A.C>


  1. telephone loop back switching


  1. PDAS deployment


  1. USGS—PC node development















10/3/89         To – Do list


Sarsn fall p.m. Trip

Marsn “            

Move Equipment to new building and clean

Locate Marsn + sarsn

Connections for MSU phone lines to Richardson towers, met

Ron phone + data line new building

Leapfrog Amp design + construction

USGS Interconnect package design

Write panda book

Install high power xmit at oly

Sma site installation

New building cabinetry

Install shake table

Modify darkroom

Look at power system for equip racks

Lightning rod system building 1

Moveable shelving archive room

Timing system rehab

Move electronics shop – new layout

Halon system upgrade – archive room

Arkansasel dorado PDAs deployment

Loopback switching

Rebuild guralp winch

To Do List             3/5/89


Finish Movitron radio repairs

Finish supplies storage area/ field shop

Done Install air system piping

Install Comp rm door closer

Done Paint and finish Jer – Mings office

Paint and finish Panda work area

Done Build wall for kitchen office/lunch room

Install cast deuelocorder film shell

Done Remove PGM

3/20/89       To-Do list


Remove Pager   Install Air system piping                ASO/Expansion

Finish shake table room – table sling/MGD

Finish Jer Minds office

Finish panda work room

Create office /kitchen area

Reinstall PGM

Install phone line for met and Richardson towers

Install SMA – Mud Island

Service SMA’s – Memphis

                       - Marked Tree

Locate Marsn/Sarsn

Write panda book                          Work order for mowers

Dark room mods

Fix copy camera

Fix lead scope

Power switching for equip racks

Keying system for 3904 – General

Lightning rods 3904 – MRTC’s Grper

Halon system upgrade

Loop back power switching –

PC board etch facility

Analog EQ locator

Fix Guralp winch

El Dorado telemetry

A/O system spec

3/15/90 Continued


Analog gain range circuits

Dr. Chang’s simplified dynamic soil tester

Du-Pont bore hole proposal

Geophone characterization

- Repair damaged S – 13’s

Coordinate new power installation

New building requirements

Sarsn interconnect package

Panda Jr design + construction

Service visual recorder penmotors

Coordinate with new phone system

New timing systems?

Balance 30 loads – General

Computer room 30 loads

Test equip for panda Jr

Satellite Interconnect test equip

Geophones + Recorder 4/20/90 for Dr Chang

GLT Upgrade   ?

USGS – Project

S – 13 alignment

Socoer Plirol

AGTO – Test

Gcte Radios

To Do list      05 – 91


New building            room construction


                                   Run Ground wire to phone room

                                   Put in data lines

                                   Tie in single shelf units


Remove winch + bumper from land cruiser

Change over telemetry to Richardson towers

SFTN – 3 comp install

Service – SMA’s MTA + MEN

Repair Discall Jonesboro


          Wla – Battery

Reconfigure Marsn

Dark room modifications

Analog E.Q. locator to build

Panda Jr Promoter

Automated test

Sarsn / Marsn interconnect

Test cut’s

Test up’s

Pen motor service

GLT upgrade

Shake table – horiz convert

Outage reports

Phone ground rods

Electric for laminator

Rebuild P.C. Drill

Air Solution for Drill

Move pipe rack

Install steel shelving

Move AC racks

Take down fence

Buy dry film

Cad welds on lightning sys.

Clean AC. Condenser

Eposing unit

Install UPS

To Do List      09 – 91


Panda Station Moves for beast

Iris Recorder operation for beast

Jose tech asst w multi – channel ref recorder

CPS operation

Finish sheetrock + Electric

Set Up for GPS course + Shop

Finish Panda 2

Cost estimate + Return box

Convert SFTI to Richardson Towers

              EBZ         to new Phlie

Convert ENGR Bldg time marks

                                    To new Phlie

Convert SFTN to 3C

Apply for license for Hawaii

Free mode filters for Paul Rydecele

Need time code for Paul

DRTN repair

OLY repair


J Boro ‘   Test OLY shot

Outage Report

FCC Protest Letter

PMM Repeata Move

Install Willie Lee system at J. Boro

Move afar

SARSN fall P.M. trip


To do List 09-91


Panda station moves for beast

IRIS recorder operation for beast

Jose tech asst. w multi-channel ref recorder

GPS operation

Finish sheetrock + electric

Set up for GPS course + shop

Finish panda 2

Cost estimate + return box

Convert SFTU to Richardson towers

               EBZ    to new phlie

Convert sftu to 3C

Apply for license for Hawaii

Free mode filters for Paul Rydecele

Need time code for paul

DRTN repair

OLY repair

PWCA repair

J Bono repair               test only shot

Outage report

FCC protest letter

PMM repeater move

Install Willie lee system at J. Bono


Sarsn fall p.m. trip

Fix Jonesboro discriminator

To do list 4/13/92


Panda 2 negatives

Comp. layouts

Parts lists

Test procedures

Tech manual

Daill guides

Ass’y Instructions

4) working prototypes

Order short materials



Automated tests                                  Window cover + Map

P.C. Installation + noise test                t.time curve disp.

Network conversion                              display uco scope

Attic Project rooms                                move drums

Move P.C. shop                                      ENGR BLDG

Clear exp space                                        telephone – event coverage

Clean chair’s shop                                    tool roundup

Set-up dark room                                      Move DIRT

Repair floor basement                           Fill holes

Museum exhibits                                   snag limbs

Cal MPH- class                                    Remove gacatly

Move BBG                                            Howards chair

Re configure marse telemetry

Date: 01-Sep-92                                                                                                              P.1



This is a non-exhaustive list of projects which require completion by CERI in the next 1 month to 1 year. The projects and what is required are listed in no particular order of importance. Times, given in () are man-days of 7.5 hrs. duration. All times are estimates, and where new and unproven equipment is planned or used additional time may be required.


Chapel Hill 5 stations


SARSN                                                                                              Total Man days: 205


Reconfigure SARSN for short term goal of maximizing number of stations recorded at Chapel Hill (10 days, 2 people)


Upgrade SARSN, 3 comp recording, reinstall stations, recalibrate old hardware, calibrate new sensors, test antennas and cables and radios, install central recording nodes, replace wiring (30 days, 4 people)


Move BBG wilderness area conflict (2 days, 2 people)


Move CCVA future wilderness are conflict (3 days, 2 people)


Select and install ETT VSAT (2 days, 1 person)


Design MCNC interface for BRBC and Chapel Hill (5 days, 1 person)


Design field data acquisition environmental, power and lightning systems (10 days, 1 person)


Build 2 field data acquisition sites (10 days, 1 person)


Calibrate sites before removal (2 people, 12 days)


Reconfigure TKL for local recording (Gallatin Hardware) (2 people, 2 days)



MARSN                                                                                                Total Man Days:440


Reconfigure MARSN for radio telemetry (2 people, 10 days)


Upgrade MARSN, reinstall stations, install digital telemetry, recalibrate all existing equipment, install new stations and central receive nodes, (4 people, 90 days)

Date: 01-Sep-92                                                                                                                P.2



Move PMM repeater, PWLA tower (2 people, 4 days)



Move MET to museum and design exhibit (2 people, 5 days)



Fix Memphis Gurlaps (1 person, 5 days)



Build 2 field data acquisition sites, (10 days, 1 person)



Calibrate sites before removal (2 people, 6 days)



Design lightning protection for Gurlaps and new telemetry systems (1 person, 10 days)



Build lightning protection hardware (1 person, 5 days)

PANDA I                                                                                              Total Man Days: 65



Complete removal process (3 people, 5 days)


Full system calibration (2 people, 10 days)


Paint and repair crates (2 people, 5 days)


Computer upgrade, software repairs (2 people, 10 days)


RP build missing stations

PANDA I Hawaii                                                                                 Total Man Days: 253



Prepare for shipping (2 people, 10 days)


Radio licensing (1 person, 3 days)


Initial installation (4 people, 25 days)                  Local Help


Deinstallation (2 people, 20 days)


Operation and technical support (1 person, 90 days)

DATE: 01-Sep-92                                                                                                             P.3

PANDA I New Zealand (1st half year only)                                        Total Man Days: 430


Prepare for shipping (2 people, 10 days)


Documentation (1 person, 5 days)


Installation (4 people, 25 days)


Operation and technical assistance (2 people, 120 days)


Radio licensing (1 person, 5 days)                                      Mobil


Radio manufacturing (2 persons, 30 days)

PANDA II                                                                                         Total Man Days: 155


Central receive manual and response curves (1 person, 10 days)


Fully detailed test procedure (1 person, 15 days)


Design and construction of RF subsystem (2 people, 10 days)


Design and construction of ancillary equipment, line amplifiers, lightning protection, A/D cabling, patch panels (2 people, 10 days)


Automated test procedures and testing (1 person, 40 days)


Software development for gain ranging (2 people, 25 days)   < 2 directors

PANDA II Taiwan Project                                                                   Total Man Days: 110


Build antennas (1 person, 12 days)


Build RF cables (2 people, 6 days)


Automated test and system calibration (1 person, 15 days)


Build card racks (1 person, 5 days)

DATE: 01-Sep-92                                                                                                             P.4


Build Ancillary equipment (1 person, 10 days)


Machine field enclosures (1 person, 6 days)


Integrate computer systems, power supplies, lightning protection (2 persons, 10 days)


Crate for shipping (2 persons, 10 days)


Documentation (1 person, 10 days)

CERI Local Projects                                                                            Total Man Days: 277


Design lightning protection for CERI digital networks (1 person, 20 days)


Install lightning protection for digital systems (1 person, 5 days)


Reconfigure racks for new equipment (1 person, 5 days)


Reconfigure power systems for new requirements (2 persons, 10 days)


Define optimum ground point (1 person, 4 days)


Design and install A/D distribution system for redundancy (2 persons, 8 days)


Museum exhibits and displays (2 people, 30 days)


Fault block model (2 people, 10 days)


Gravimeter installation and cabling (1 person, 3 days)


LP and Gravimeter vault (2 people, 30 days)


Repair basement floor (2 people, 3 days)


Move PC board shop (2 people, 3 days)


Move and reinstall darkroom and accessories (2 people, 5 days)

DATE: 01-Sep-92                                                                                                             P.5


Move stuff out of EXP space (3 people, 4 days)


Library shelf end plates (1 person, 10 days)


Library window covers and display space (1 person, 2 days)


Move visual drums and design and install lightning protection (1 person, 5 days)


Install attic ventilation 3904 (1 person, 2 days)


Inventory (2 people, 1 day)


MSDS reporting and update (1 person, 4 days)



Total Man Days required for all projects: 1935


52 x 5 = 260 Man Days / Year

             - 10 Official Holidays

             - 20 Vacation and sick leave


               230 Net man days per year


If all of the above tasks are to be accomplished by September 1993, we will require approximately 8 to 9 people. This assumes that no new tasks or unplanned events (Earthquake response, Major lightning strike, etc.) occurs.


Available Workers:                                Availability                     P= Part Time

Greg Steiner                                                P                                 F= Full Time

Jim Bollwerk                                              F

Don Reinbold                                             F

Terry Johnson                                             F

Elmer Mc Millan                                        F

John Bryant                                                F

Steve Brewer                                              F

Mike Frohme                                             P

Jer Ming Chiu                                            P

2 students                                                   P

Chris Mc Goldrick                                     F



Lightning protection for digital networks

Reconfigure racks for new equipment

Reconfigure power systems

Define optimum ground Pt

Install A/D systems, + Distribution panels

Automated test system

L.P. /Caruimeter vault

Museum exhibits + displays

Fault block model

Grauimeter installation and cabling


Repair basement floor

Move P.C. shop

Move dark room

Move out of EXP space

Library shelf end plates

Library window covers

Move visual drums

Move met

Remove unused wiring

Ventilation for attic

Design Grauimeter electronics

                                To do list                                                                                 9/1/92


Reconfigure SARSN

Upgrade sarsn

Move BBG – (wilderness area conflict)

Select ETT dish site

MCNC interface design (BRBC)

Chapel Hill

TKL – Local record + display (Ex- Galatin)

3-C hardware, sensors – calibration

Recalibrate old hardware

Build field date acquisition sites



Reconfigure MARSN

Upgrade MARSN

Move PMM repeat – PWLA tower!

Move met to Museum

Fix Guralps (Memphis

Build Marked Tree + 1 site CR


Lightning protection for field Guralps + Digital tecemetry

Remove Galatin?

Calibrate last + existice systems

Richardson Towers site construction




Complete removal

Full system cal

Paint and repair crates

Reship to?

Software repairs

Computer Upgrade

Hardware upgrade


PANDA Hawaii


Installation logistics, tech support

Radio License


Repair U.P.S. system


PANDA New Zealand


Installation, tech support

Radio License

Radio manufacturing



CR manual  tresponso curvy

Full detailed test procedure

Design auxiliary Equip recover

Multi coopcop, line amp, lightning

PROT. A/D cabling, patch panels

Automated test

Software development



Build antennas

Build cables

Terminate Geophones

Automated test and calibration

Build card rack

Build receiver multicoupler

Build line amplifier

Build lightning protection and power supplies

Machine field enclosures- 2 vents box

Integrate comp. system & A.D. cabling

Terminate solar panels

Create for shipment

Field test

Software development

Build R.F. preamp enclosure

Design H.P. L.P. band pass filter


















TO DO LIST 11/19/93                                                                                    days required




  1. Panda New Zealand

Test and calibrate 30 panda 2 boxes                                                                             5G&J

Test and calibrate 30 PANDA 2 grain discriminators                                         3

Realign 10 480 MHZ receivers for higher output                                                           1J

Calibrate seismometers for PANDA 2                                                              2

Install damping networks for PANDA 2                                                                        2J

Install seismometer cables for panda 2                                                               2

Waterproof seismometer                                                                                               1J

Configure recording system computer                                                                3J

Design and install timing system                                                                         1G

Build packing crates                                                                                                      5&1J

Test and repair approximately 60 preamps                                                                    2J

Install Panda2 central receive Egmont                                                                5(3G)

Install 30 Panda 2 stations New Zealand                                                                       3

Modify GOES clock for Panda 2 and implement substitute                                            40

Timing for PAR gravimeter recording system                                                     3G

Assemble tools, spare parts, and test equipment for Panda 2                                         2J

Assemble shipping documents                                                                           1J


2. Dorman SMA project Memphis                                                                                29





Test and align 5 PANDA 2 systems                                                                              3&2J

Install 5 SMA sites                                                                                                       6C

Align 5 radio pairs                                                                                                       1

Designate frequency allocations for SMA project                                                       1G

Design TVA microwave interface                                                                               2G

Install antennas and feedlines at TVA sites                                                                 2C

Provide 10 216 mhz antennas                                                                                      1

Align 20 discriminators                                                                                                1

Design central receive equipment                                                                                 3G

Build central receive for sma project                                                                              3

Install rf system on Richardson towers                                                                          1C

Install discriminator rack and data acquisition system                                                1&1G

Design power system for sma system                                                                            1G


3. SACSN eastern conversion                                                                                        139




Convert all Morganton seismic stations to BRBC                                                        7J&C

Get permission for BRBC cr                                                                                          2G

Design BRBC central receive                                                                                         2G

Install BRBC central receive                                                                                          2J

Repair all eastern SARSN stations, no upgrade                                                              5C

Move BBG out of wilderness area                                                                               2J&C

Reinstall CCVA                                                                                                           2J&C

Designs Sharps ridge system                                                                                       2G

Reinstall sharps ridge c.r.                                                                                            1J&C

Fix TVA timing problems                                                                                           1G

Test TVA microwave circuits                                                                                          1G

Finalize Phase 2 TVA network plans                                                                               5G

Test Tuckaleechee radio bounce shot                                                                              2G

Reinstall SACSN stations                                                                                           10J&C

Re-engineer Panda 2 hardware for East Tennessee                                                     (15G)

Change parts and recalibrate telemetry hardware                                                       20&5J

Recalibrate all SACSN geophones                                                                                   10

Design interface for TVA microwave system                                                                  5G

Get site permissions 3 sites                                                                                               6J

Install 3 new sites move 1 site                                                                                      8J&C

Install antennas and feed lines on 7 TVA towers                                                             5C


4. MACSN installation and repair                                                                                   219





Design frequency allocation plan for MACSN                                                               5G

Test and calibrate PWLA                                                                                                1C

Upgrade EBZ hardware                                                                                                   2C

Align all radios for PWLA leg                                                                                           1

Repair OLY and reconfigure for Jonesboro                                                                    2C

Repair LRDO and check Jonesboro                                                                                1C

Repair AFAR and reconfigure for Jonesboro                                                                  1C

Repair WLA and reconfigure for Marked Tree                                                            1C&J

Design Z channel data system                                                                                           5G

Configure MTA for Z channel data                                                                                  2G

Install NBC transmitter and disconnect phone line                                                          1G

Redesign NBC central receive                                                                                          2G

Reinstall NBC central receive                                                                                      2J&C

Design SFTN central receive                                                                                         2G

Reinstall SFTN central receive                                                                                       2C

Install ac power at SFTN                                                                                                1C

Install Panda 2 at SFTN                                                                                                 1G

Design new telemetry filters and baseplates                                                                  2G

Remove down hole preamps at SFTN                                                                           2G

Plan MACSN network                                                                                                  10G

Get site permissions                                                                                                      15G

Install approx 25 panda 2 stations                                                                            20J&C

Build and test hardware                                                                                                  50

Design Lennox CR                                                                                                         3G

Install central Receive at Hickman                                                                             2J&C

Design Shawnee CR                                                                                                      3G

Install central receive at Shawnee                                                                              2J&C

Redesign Marked Tree CR                                                                                            3G

Install central receive at Marked Tree                                                                       2J&C

Install 15 Guralp CMG-40 digital sites                                                                18J&C


5. Seismic Network upgrades at CERI                                                                  103





½ design microwave hardware configuration Richardson TWR                             2G

½ Install Tva microwave Richardson tower                                                            2C&J

Design digitizing work space                                                                                   


Create work area for digitizing system interface                                                     10J

Redesign rack power system                                                                                     4G

Reconfigure power rack system                                                                                2G

Reconfigure racks                                                                                                     3G

Define and implement ground                                                                                  3G

Rework comp room UPS                                                                                         2G

Install additional computer room power capacity                                                   2G


Design full duplex digital telemetry link                                                               20G

Or test purchased telemetry systems                                                                     10G


Design Lightning protection for field guralp sites                                                5G

Calibrate sites before removal                                                                              10J

Calibrate and check damping of seismometers                                                     10

Configure shake table for horizontal operation                                                     5G

Design field power systems                                                                                  5G

Design field lightning protection                                                                          5G

Purchase field vehicle                                                                                           3C


6. Misc projects                                                                                                     140





Repair floor Mr Xu’s office                                                                                     2

Reinstall board shop                                                                                               2C

Move darkroom                                                                                                      3C

Library window covers                                                                                            2

Digital net lightning protection                                                                              5G

Remove unused wiring                                                                                          5C

Ventilate attic                                                                                                        1C

Move out of exp space                                                                                           3

Design museum exhibits                                                                                       15G

Design security system for building 1                                                                    5G

Install security system for building 1                                                                     5C

Install and build museum exhibits                                                                         15C

Check SMA-1 recorders                                                                                          3G

Design synthesized function generator PC boards                                                  3G

Re-engineer hamtronics 216MHz radio xmtrs                                                      10G

Repair Sola Ups’s                                                                                                    10

Examine expansion plans                                                                                        1G

Coordinate expansion space construction                                                               3G

Update Taiwan documentation                                                                               5G

Move student partitions for expansion space remodeling                                      2C

Install level 5 computer network wiring                                                              5C (3G)

Install PAR fluid tiltmeter                                                                                  3G

Smith hall test with Howard using Panda                                                          2G

Same test later using equipment from Dorman project                                     (5G)

Remove MET radio system                                                                                1C

Finish building system ground building 1                                                          5C

Test new L-22nd seismometer from Mark Products                                           1G

Hazardous Materials Inventory                                                                          1G

Cost accounting for Constructed Equipment                                                   3G&J

Inventory Verification                                                                                     1G&J&C

Extremely L.P. drum modification                                                                     2G

Reinstall gravimeter in rack                                                                                1G

TKL display at cave                                                                                            2J

These estimates assume that no additional projects shall be undertaken and that no completely unforeseen difficulties occur!


No time has been budgeted for PANDA and PANDA2 movements from their initial locations.


No time has been budgeted for Taiwan related activities (equipment support, additional networks, repair or maintenance)


No time has been budgeted for construction and test of radio equipment or digital or analog telemetry equipment for MACSN


Minimal support for Mike Frohme has been allotted for modifications required for MSU campus network modifications


No support time for GPS or trenching projects has been provided


No time for P wave pressure sensors in wells has been provided


No time has been provided for torsion vibrator development


No time for USGS projects has been provided


No time for engineering seismology projects (Chang & Hwang) has been provided


Days available

Nov    2

Dec    18

Jan     20

Feb    20

Mar   23

Apr   21

May  22

Jun    22

Jul     21

Aug   22


Total 191

Vac   -10

Sick  - 5

Total  176







Project    Total    Greg   Jim     Chris   Misc.

1              90           12     18        0         60

2              29             7       2        9         11

3            139           30      43       40       26

4            219           45      63       60       51

5            103           51      72        5        25

6            138           64        4       46       24


Total     720           212      152    160     197

Balance                   -36     + 24   + 16     August 31 1993



To do list 08/15/94                                                                                       Days Required

1. Dorman SMA project Memphis                                                                        24


Test and align 5 Panda 2 systems                                                                         3J

Align 20 discriminators                                                                                        2P

Install 5 SMA sites                                                                                               8C

Align 5 radio pairs                                                                                               1P

Design central receive equipment                                                                       3G

Build central receive for SMA project                                                                3G

Install RF system on Richardson Towers                                                          1C1G

Install discriminator rack and data acquisition system                                        2G


2. MACSN Installation and repair                                                                      215


Test and calibrate PWLA                                                                                     1C

Upgrade EBZ hardware                                                                                        2C

Align all radios for PWLA leg                                                                             2P

Repair OLY and reconfigure for Jonesboro                                                         2C

Repair LRDO and check Jonesboro                                                                     1C

Repair AFAR and reconfigure for Marked Tree                                                  1C

Repair WLA and reconfigure for Marked Tree                                                  1C&J

Design Z channel remodulator data system                                                          5G

Configure MTA for Z channel data                                                                      2G

Install NBC transmitter                                                                                         1G

Redesign NBC central receive                                                                              2G

Reinstall NBC central receive                                                                            2J&C

Design SFTN central receive                                                                                 2G

Reinstall SFTN central receive                                                                              2C

Install Panda 2 at SFTN                                                                                         1G

Remove down hole preamps at SFTN                                                                    2G

Get site permissions                                                                                               15J

Install VSAT at Lennox                                                                                          2C

Install central receive at Lennox                                                                         2G&J&C

Install central receive at Hickman                                                                      2G&J&C

Install central receive at Shawnee                                                                      2G&J&C

Install central receive at Marked Tree                                                               2G&J&C

Install 15 guralp CMG-40 digital sites                                                                  18J&C

Design cheap station hardware                                                                                 15J

Build cheap station hardware                                                                                     50

Install cheap stations                                                                                                  60







4. Seismic network upgrades at CERI                                                                       40


Design mcrwave hardware configuration Richardson Twr                                       1G

Install TVA microwave Richardson Tower                                                             1C&J

Reconfigure rack power system                                                                                 2G

Build inverter power boxes                                                                                       10E

Reconfigure racks                                                                                                       1G

Design lightning protection for field guralp sites                                                       3G

Calibrate sites before removal                                                                                    10J

Calibrate and check damping of seismometers                                                            10

Configure shake table for horizontal operation                                                           5G

Purchase field vehicle                                                                                                  1C


2. SACSN Eastern conversion                                                                                    109


Convert all Morganton seismic stations to BRBC                                                     7J&C

Get permission for BRBC cr                                                                                       2G

Design BRBC central receive                                                                                     2G

Install BRBC central receive                                                                                      2J

Repair all eastern SARSN stations, no upgrade                                                         5C

Move BBG out of wilderness area                                                                            2J&C

Reinstall CCVA                                                                                                        2J&C

Designs sharps ridge system                                                                                       2G

Reinstall sharps ridge system c.r.                                                                             1J&C

Fix TVA timing problems                                                                                           3G

Finalize phase 3 TVA network plans                                                                          5G

Test Tuckaleechee radio bounce shot                                                                         2G

Reinstall SACSN stations                                                                                       10J&C

Recalibrate all SACSN geophones                                                                             10

Design TVA central receive and digital recording facility                                        10G

Get site permissions 3 sites                                                                                         6J

Install 3 new sites move 1 site                                                                                 8J&C


6. MISC Projects                                                                                                       101


Reinstall board shop                                                                                                   2C

Library window covers                                                                                                2

Digital net lightning protection                                                                                  5G

Remove unused wiring                                                                                               5C

Design museum exhibits                                                                                           15G

Design security system for building 1                                                                        5G

Install security system for building 1                                                                         5C

Install and build museum exhibits                                                                             15C

Check SMA-1 recorders                                                                                              3G

Install level 5 computer network wiring                                                                   5C(3G)

Debug fluid level tiltmeter                                                                                         3G

Finish building system ground building 1                                                              5C

Test new L-22D seismometer for Mark Products                                                  1G

Hazardous materials inventory                                                                              1G

Cost accounting for constructed equipment                                                        3G&J

Extremely L.P. drum modification                                                                        2G

Reinstall graveimeter in rack                                                                                 1G

TKL display at cave                                                                                               2J

CERI clean up                                                                                                        5J,C,G


These estimates assume that no additional projects shall be undertaken and that no completely unforeseen difficulties occur!


No time has been budgeted for Panda and Panda2 movements from their initial locations in New Zealand.


No time has been budgeted for any Taiwan related activities (Equipment support, additional networks, repair or maintenance)


Minimal support fro Mike Frohme has been allotted for modifications required for MSU campus network modifications


No support time for GPS or trenching projects has been provided


No time for P wave pressure sensors in wells has been provided

To do list                  4-1-95


Major Projects


  1. New Madrid network installation
  2. SARSN reconfiguration
  3. AutoZone installation
  4. NE China project
  5. Taiwan Panda deployment
  6. Guralp reinstallation
  7. SMA network completion
  8. Permanent GPS monitoring sites
  9. GPS monument installations
  10. Museum and MISC projects


  1. New Madrid Network

Install 2 central receives

Get standard permit papers

New Madrid tower building with SLU

Install ISIS stations

Install BB stations

Design digital BB stations and select technology

Build receiver repeater boxes and align radios

Align CR receivers

Align all XMTRS

Design Remodulator

Design Remodulator auxiliary circuits

Design SCA decoder Analog and digital

CK guralp lightning protection

GPS interface box construction

Order RF isolators for digital system?

Align ISIS field hardware

Calibrate geophones

Write ISIS CAL procedure

Write discrim CAL procedure

Make MPXR ribbon cables

Build CR cavity filter preamplifier enclosures

Make antenna cables

Plan remod circuits to and from SLU

Write ISIS pocumentation



Install system to Chapel Hill

TVA Coop?

Remove stations in SARSN




Free field site drawings

Recording system drawings

Design hardware

Build hardware

Write CAL and operating manual

Connect PC system

Install sensors

Coordinate wiring

Test system

Install discrim bank for AUX RCV

Install Digital BB site


NE China


Make corrections to P2 documentation and artwork

Issue purchase requisitions

Test and calibrate finished hardware

Build antennas

Test Radios

Build recording system

Prepare shipping documents


Taiwan Panda


Tests and repair bad boards

Train Panda operators

Implement changeover to PC system

Calibrate and test all hardware


SMA Network


Install P.I. site

Install NBC CR for PI site

Install CERI site

Create documents and final drawings each site


GPS monitoring

Install 2 permanent recording GPS sites

Install 20 -30 GPS monuments in next 2-3 months


Museum and MISC

Prepare Museum plans with Jill

Passcal Instrument Deployment

Update SFTN

17-18 months May 95 completed


To do list 6/24/93                                                                              days required


1. Panda New Zealand                                                                            59

Align 40 480 mhz revrs.                                                                          4

Build 40 480 mhz xmtrs. – Pat  Gil                                                        14

Align 40 480 xmtrs. Pat                                                                           4

Build 60 antennas BR Kevin                                                                    2

Build cr rf front end   El G                                                                       1

Build cr rf distribution systems (1) 24 ea.                                                4

Build and tune cavities for front end Pat                                                 1

Make 100’ lead in coax

Make A/D cables Jim        

No- Provide 6 Panda 2 systems and discriminator racks Jim and John    10

New Zealand export license application Jim                                             2

Hamtronics transmitter parts layout Greg                                                 1

Make shields for hamtronics transmitters Flme                                        1

Install central receive in New Zealand Jim + Chris                                  15


2. Jim Dorman train and SMA project                    Postponed                 38


Test and align 5 Panda 2 systems                                                               8

Build 5 22” vaults

Wire 5 vaults                                                                                               1

Install 5 vaults and systems Jim D                                                              6

Repair monitron radios Pat                                                                         3

Align 5 radio pairs pat                                                                                1

Provide 10 216 mhz antennas Pat                                                              1

Align 20 discriminators G                                                                          1

Build central receive for sma project                                                         3

Install rf system on Richardson towers                                                     3

Configure instruments for trains                                                               5

Build discriminator rack                                                                           1

Install discriminator rack and data acquisition system                             3

Design power system for sma systems Greg                                            1

Design lightning protection for sma systems Greg                                   1


3. MARSN repairs                                                                                    40


Work out cooperative New Madrid budget Steve, I, Jim                         2

Install RAMER repeater for PWLA                                                         2

Test and calibrate PWLA                                                                         1

Upgrade EBZ hardware                                                                            2

Remove PMM repeater                                                                             1

Calibrate all radios for PWLA leg                                                            1

Install PWLA tower, or rotate existing                                                   2

Repair OLY and reconfigure for Jonesboro                                           2

Repair LRDO and check Jonesboro                                                       1

Repair AFAR and reconfigure for Jonesboro                                         1

Repair HOGG and find rptr site to OLY at Mt Pisgah                           3

Repair WLA and reconfigure for Marked Tree                                      1

Check for LRDO reception at Marked Tree                                           1

Design Z channel data system                                                                2

Configure MTA for Z channel data                                                        2

Remove FCCR central receive and disconnect Phone line                    1

Redo NBC central receive                                                                      2

Reinstall SFTN central receive                                                               3

Install ac power at SFTN                                                                        1

Install Panda 2 at SFTN                                                                          1

Design new telemetry filters and baseplates  Greg                                 2

Remove down hole preamps at SFTN                                                    2

Configure Richardson towers for SFTN receivers                                 2

Switch MET to phone line and remove radio pair                                 1

Repair triple drum recorders  GR                                                           1


3. SARSN eastern conversion                                                                 20


Convert all Morganton seismic stations to BRBC                                   7

Get permission for BRBC cr Greg                                                           2

Install BRBC central receive                                                                   2

Repair all eastern SARSN stations, no upgrade                                      5

Move BBG out of wilderness area                                                          2

Reinstall CCVA                                                                                      2

2 cellular phones – Greg


4. Panda 2 New Zealand                                                                      101


Test and calibrate 30 Panda 2 boxes                                                      30

Test and calibrate 120 Panda 2 discriminators                                        5

Build 5 discriminator racks                                                                     3

Configure equipment rack                                                                       2

Design ups for computer system                                                             5

Design central receive RF equipment                                                     2

Build 20 480 MHZ xmtrs                                                                       10

Align 40 480 MHZ xmtrs                                                                       5

Align 40 480 MHX rcvrs                                                                        5

Build and align 50 480 MHZ antennas                                                   1

Drill 30 field boxes                                                                                 2

Make audio cables for Panda 2                                                               3

Make RF cables for Panda 2                                                                   1

Make battery cables for Panda 2

Order batteries for Panda 2

Order tripods for Panda 2

Order antenna masts for Panda 2

Build cavity filters for Panda 2                                                              2

Calibrate seismometers for Panda 2                                                      5

Install damping networks for Panda 2                                                   2

Install seismometer cables for panda 2                                                  2

Waterproof seismometers                                                                      1

Configure recording system computer                                                   3

Make A/D cables                                                                                   1

Design timing system                                                                            2

Build packing crates                                                                              5

Expand automated test                                                                          3

Order field Box


Network upgrades                                                                                 71


Reconfigure rack power system                                                             4

Reconfigure racks                                                                                  5

Define and implement ground                                                               5

Rework comp room UPS                                                                       2

Design full duplex digital telemetry link                                              10

Design lightning protection for field guralp sites                                   5

Calibrate sites before removal                                                               10

Calibrate and check damping of seismometers                                     10

Configure shake table for horizontal operation                                      5

Design field data acquisition sites                                                          5

Design power system                                                                             5

Design lightning protection                                                                   2

Purchase field vehicle                                                                            3


MISC projects                                                                                      111


Build 10 spare radios for New Zealand                                                  5

Build 10 spare transmitters for New Zealand                                         5

Repair floor Mr Xu’s office                                                                    2

Reinstall board shop                                                                                2

Move dark room                                                                                      3

Library shelf endplates                                                                            5

Library window covers                                                                           2

Digital net lightning protection                                                               ?

Remove unused wiring                                                                           10

Ventilate attic                                                                                          1

Fix Guralps                                                                                              5

Move out of exp space                                                                            2

Design and install museum exhibits                                                       30

Fix arch’s ashtray                                                                                   1

Clean out phone room downstairs                                                          1

Check SMA-1 recorders                                                                         3

Design synthesized function generator PC boards                                 3

Re-engineer hamtronics 216MHz radio xmtrs                                      10

Repair Sola Ups’s                                                                                  10

Examine expansion plane                                                                       2

Update Taiwan documentation                                                               5

Thumper for Gravimeter                                                                         2

Move student partitions for expansion space remodeling                       2


Total days required                                                                                 440/233


Total days                                      June 3

                                                      July 21

                                                     August 22

                                                     September 21


                                                    Total         67


Personnel                Greg             full                   47

                                Jim               full                   65

                               Chris             full                 ~60

                               Elmer            full                   60

                               John              full                   67

                              Kevin             full summer     46     

                              Brooks           full summer     46

                              Pat                 ¼ time              20


                             Total                                        411




New Madrid

Sites                                                                                                  Days

Design, Build, Install Lennox C.R.                                                    20

                                  Marked Tree C.R.                                       20

                                  New Madrid                                              30

                                       Jonesboro                                                    15



Finish 3-C discriminator                                                                    3

DISCR Bin + backpcane + wiring                                                     5

REUR Housing + L.P. Filter                                                              5

Guralp digitize lightning protection                                                   5

Half duplex radio control system                                                      20

Remodulator – SCH                                                                          10

SCA subsystem auxiliary PCS                                                           5

Seismic distribution amplifier                                                            5

SCA decoder system                                                                         15

System component test + alignment                                                 15

Digital installations                                                                           10


East TN


Etowah                        C.R.                                                               20

Knoxville                    C.R.                                                               20

BKBC                         C.R.                                                               15


                                                                                                       233 Days

                                                                           48 x 240 days        1 yr

Additional Projects + Responsibilities                                                            Days

Timing data to TVA – Knoxville                                                                        3

TKL system                            

Data to Knoxville                                                                                               5

Memphis SMA net                                                                                             5

Taiwan deployment                                                                                            5

AutoZone designs                                                                                              30

Museum                                                                                                             ? – 0

GPS permanent monitoring                                                                               10

Comp RM UPS + Other UPS’s                                                                         5

Mainland China                                                                                                20

FCC License                                                                                                      5

Inventory                                                                                                           3

Gravimeter                                                                                                        5

Tilt meter                                                                                                          5

TVA new proposals                                                                                   ~ 10 – 30

SFTN reinstall                                                                                                 5

Guralp pull + reinstall with new                                                                      -

Lightning protection                                                                                       15

Station calibrations before removal                                                               10 – 20

Chapel Hill system                                                                                         15

AutoZone installation + calibration                                                               10

New Zealand clean + calibrate                                                                       20


                                                                                                                    186 Days

No new projects

To do list 08/15/94                                                                            Days required

1. Dorman SMA project Memphis                                                           24

Test and align Panda 2 systems                                                                3J

Align 20 discriminators                                                                            2P

Install 5 SMA sites                                                                                   8C

Align radio pairs                                                                                      1P

Design central receive equipment                                                           3G

Build central receive on Richardson Towers                                          3G

Install RF system on Richardson Towers                                              1C1G

Install discriminator rack and data acquisition system                            2G


2. MACSN installation and repair                                                          215

Test and calibrate PWLA                                                                         1C

Upgrade EBZ Hardware                                                                           2C

Align all radios for PWLA leg                                                                  2P

Repair OLY and reconfigure for Jonesboro                                              2C

Repair LRDO and check Jonesboro                                                          1C

Repair AFAR and reconfigure for Jonesboro                                            1C

Repair WLA and reconfigure for Marked Tree                                       1C&J

Design Z channel remodulator data system                                               5G

Configure MTA for Z channel data                                                           2G

Install NBC transmitter                                                                              1G

Redesign NBC central receive                                                                   2G

Reinstall NBC central receive                                                                  2J&C

Design SFTN central receive                                                                     2G

Reinstall SFTN central receive                                                                  2C

Install Panda 2 at SFTN                                                                             1G

Remove down hole reamps at SFTN                                                         2G

Get site permissions                                                                                   15J

Install VSAT at Lennox                                                                             2C

Install central receive at Lennox                                                               2G&J&C

Install central receive at Hickman                                                            2G&J&C

Install central receive at Shawnee                                                            2G&J&C

Install central receive at Marked Tree                                                     2G&J&C

Install 15 Guralp CMG-40 digital sites                                                   18J&C

Design cheap station hardware                                                                15G

Design cheap station hardware                                                                50

Install cheap stations                                                                                60


4. Seismic network upgrades at CERI                                                     44

Design MCRWAVE hardware configuration Richardson TWR            1G

Install TVA Microwave Richardson Tower                                           1C&J

Reconfigure rack power system                                                               2G

Build inverter power boxes                                                                     10E

Reconfigure racks                                                                                    1G

Design lightning protection for field guralp sites                                    3G

Calibrate sites before removal                                                                 10J

Calibrate and check damping of seismometers                                        10

Configure shake table for horizontal operation                                        5G

Purchase field vehicle                                                                               1C


2. SACSN Eastern conversion                                                                 109

Convert all Morganton seismic stations to BRBC                                   7J&C

Get permission for BRBC cr                                                                      2G

Design BRBC central receive                                                                    2G

Install BRBC central receive                                                                      2J

Repair all eastern SARSN stations, no upgrade                                        5C

Move BBG out of wilderness area                                                           2J&C

Reinstall CCVA                                                                                       2J&C

Designs sharps ridge system                                                                     2G

Reinstall sharps ridge system c.r.                                                           1J&C

Fix TVA timing problems                                                                         3G

Finalize phase 3 TVA network plans                                                       5G

Test Tuckaleechee radio bounce shot                                                       2G

Reinstall SACSN stations                                                                       10J&C

Recalibrate all SACSN geophones                                                             10

Design TVA central receive and digital recording facility                        10G

Get site permissions 3 sites                                                                          6J

Install 3 new sites move 1 site                                                                    8J&C


6. MISC Projects                                                                                          101


Reinstall board shop                                                                                     2C

Library window covers                                                                                   2

Digital net lightning protection                                                                     5G

Remove unused wiring                                                                                  5C

Design museum exhibits                                                                               15G

Design security system for building 1                                                            5G

Install security system for building 1                                                              5C

Install and build museum exhibits                                                                 15C

Check SMA-1 recorders                                                                                 3G

Install level 5 computer network wiring                                                      5C(3G)

Debug fluid level tiltmeter                                                                              3G

Finish building system ground building 1                                                       5C

Test new L-22D seismometer for Mark Products                                            1G

Hazardous materials inventory                                                                        1G

Cost accounting for constructed equipment                                                   3G&J

Extremely L.P. drum modification                                                                  2G

Reinstall graveimeter in rack                                                                           1G

TKL display at cave                                                                                          2J

CERI clean up                                                                                                5J,C,G


These estimates assume that no additional projects shall be undertaken and that no completely unforeseen difficulties occur!


No time has been budgeted for Panda and Panda2 movements from their initial locations in New Zealand.


No time has been budgeted for any Taiwan related activities (Equipment support, additional networks, repair or maintenance)


Minimal support fro Mike Frohme has been allotted for modifications required for MSU campus network modifications


No support time for GPS or trenching projects has been provided


No time for P wave pressure sensors in wells has been provided