Tech Staff Meeting Notes October 8, 2014

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated June 2014


News & Highlights

Fall break is Monday and Tuesday

Mac is on-call for Federal jury duty 6 Oct through 6 Nov.

Need to have a Power Outage post-mortem after Bob gets everything running again. Other than the back-up Liebert experiencing a high head shutdown, the seisnets faired well. Deagol did not boot which takes out most of Mitch's files, Request Tracker, seisnet backups, and the ability to run aqms_utils. Should get those processes working on a server in the machine room though we want to keep the data backups to a machine in the alternate server room in the long building.

We don't use the third cell phone much (the one without a hotspot). John is going to find out if we have a contract and cancel it if possible.

John started a wiki at umwiki. Its a very good start and we want to transfer this content to Steve's trac wiki when its ready.


Some newer radios fail in cold temps (e.g. EPRM, HOPT, SJBM, and WYBT). Replacements are in the works.

Install freewave serial reset at bb stations.


Data Examples
AG Down

AG Misc Problem

NMAD Misc Problems
LNXT - flat N and Z, spikes on E see image
HENM - broadband about an hour behind and not catching up.
BOAR - dropping out
BROM - dropping out
BFAR - spikes
GNAR.HHE - drifting
PGVM.EHN -muted amplitude
HICK.HH* - spikes on horizontals

All stations in MO were serviced and TN has been started.

Three ISIS3 upgrades remain: TWAR, ARPT, and the PLAR replacement.

GNAR needs better insulating berm. Dave attempted this but wound up replacing trailer wheel bearings instead.

GNAR/GSAR have networking problems. Needs a site visit.

NODE Tasks

James has an initial mockup of a Win7 node machine with NIDAQ and adsend. Need to make sure it has all the other necessary tools and burn it in. Will try it first on mudworm then convert the BRBC machine when its pulled so that the High Peak node is Win7.


Link to Wilder is stable. Need to order a dish.


LNXT: ABB fades on some mornings, most likely due to atmospheric inversions. Jim noticed the side band at KLUV is at 60db instead of 80db. Or perhaps there's an issue at PWPT.


Battels wireless has dropouts. Steve contacted them. This happened again. Dave is going to replace the dual WAN router.

Some work remains on the NMAD tower (e.g. a couple shakey preamps).

AZTN/HDBR: After getting some config pointers from Jamie Steidl, Steve has recording at 200sps going. The freewaves don't have enough bandwidth to stream it real-time and the dsl is worse. Steve downloaded a complete set of 200sps data; need to go pick it up from AZTN with a memory stick.


Need to review and update the power systems in 218.


ISIS4. Have hardware for two stations in NC. It will take $3500 to bring the new High Peak node online (replaces BRBC) with all ISIS4. Mitch is checking availability of funds.

Need to replace the 24V regulators at power hungry reftek sites. CCRT, and ASTN are done, PMTN got a new PS when the new media converter was installed.

CCNC is not going through fgtn and instead repeats through ASTN. The 950MHz shot would work so it could be converted to digital.

We're still repeating CPRT through GTTN. The cell modem won't work at WSNC. John will check to see if it will work at CPRT. If it does, then we can decommission the repeater at GTTN and the Seymour fire station.

A work order is in to upgrade the Athens DSL. Currently we're a 1.5Mbps download and about 350kbps upstream. The upgrade will increase to 3Mbps and 1.1Mbps.



GMG.EHN see image
Mt Gibbs Node

Misc Problems
ASTN.HN* see image
RCGA- noise -see helis

WSNC upgrade. The cell modem won't work. Macon Co. EMA is line of sight and are willing to let us use their internet if we allow them to put their camera on our radio link.

RBNC was decommissioned 10/1/14.

The spikes at SWET are likely horses. Can we extend the electric fence to surround the station to prevent the horses from rubbing on it?

We seem to have excessive RT147 problems. Need to follow up with ASL. Mitch will call a meeting of the FDL committee and ask for possession of the K2's. Then we can have VLF transform them into episensors. These can replace the RT147's and end the merry-go-round of replacements.

GFM needs to be moved to a more quiet and accessible site. Possible target for digital upgrade.



Internet, accessibility, and high noise inducing RF requires we move the MGNC central receive. John presented several possibilities and investigated both the PSN digitizer and the Menlo Park system. We determined that eventually we'll need to convert all nodes to the Menlo Park system so that we can obsolesce XP. But for now, we need to reconfigure North Carolina as in this figure. Better figure. This includes:
Decommission RBNC DONE
Upgrade WSNC to broadband or S-13/Reftek and cell modem. On Deck.
Rotate CCNC to repeat through fgtn and add to MTTN node. Done.
Establish new node at High Peak.
Transmit MGNC to High Peak.
Repeat TRYN through MGNC.
Transmit GFM to High Peak.
Transmit TVNC to High Peak.
Transmit SMNC to High Peak.

Node hardware at BRBC is pulled. Waiting on Morgantown cable provider to finish building upgrades. We probably won't be able to occupy until after 1/1/15.

Need to get breakouts that connect ISIS4 to both S-13 and L4. That way we can upgrade remaining PII stations to ISIS4 first, then later go back and replace the L4's with S-13's. In progress.


ASTN and PMTN would benefit from reconfiguring the basalts there to record continuous buffer in addition to the 100 sps rt data transfer.

PMTN needs a fence?


Next time each station is visited, need to note antenna model and serno for Smalley. MMKM is out

AG Network

LCAR sensor installed and Leak should be fixed. Check next visit.



NSMP Station List. All stations were converted to cell modems.


Clean out shed behind house0 to use as field storage.

The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.