Tech Staff Meeting Notes June 12, 2014

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated June 2014


News & Highlights

Welcome James Davis to the full-time Tech staff.

NetOpsVII will be August 14-15, 2014 at Caltech. Topics are focused on computer professionals (e.g. AQMS, products and services, etc). Website is here.

We discussed the current state of documentation and the need to make it more accessible to staff (while still keeping it secure). Steve will look into a wiki.


Some newer radios fail in cold temps (e.g. EPRM, HOPT, SJBM, and WYBT). Replacements are in the works.

Install freewave serial reset at bb stations.



Misc Problems
SEAR.HNE - see image
TUMT -spikes
CLTN.HHE - drifting
CPAR- noise
CHNM- dropping out

We have hardware for 9 ISIS3 upgrades: Relocate and reinstall PLAR plut 8 additional TBD.

MTAR needs a new well

MSAR has storm damage

GNAR needs better insulating berm.

NODE Tasks





Some work remains on the NMAD tower (e.g. a couple shakey preamps).

AZTN/HDBR: HDBR is back to its full complement of 7 fully functioning recorders. Unfortunately, the granites don't appear to have the horse power to do all channel at 200 sps continuous. And the rt feed of even 100 sps is not stable. So we store 15 minute files in a continuously revolving ring buffer and ftp those to aztn as needed. Steve grabbed a day's that need to be reviewed to assess the health of all sensors.


Need to review and update the power systems in 218.

Backup Liebert is engergized. Need to configure and test.

Richardson move.

The ABB is done.

The DBB will be done later this summer. The 950MHz link between CERI and Wilder is operational with a fanless pc at wilder. Need to set up a mini ew node to test continuous data xfer from CERI to the fanless pc to get an initial assessement of stability. Also need to determine available bandwidth.


ISIS4. VHTN, WMTN, and LRVA of the MTTN node are next for ISIS4 upgrades. Need to replace the 24V regulators at power hungry reftek sites. CCRT, and ASTN are done, PMTN will get a new PS when the new media converter is installed.


Taken from:

Short Period Down

Strong Motion Down

Misc Problems
CPCT.HHN - see image
FPAL.HHE- drifting
GTTN.HN* - see image
BCRT.HN* - see image

Jim reported after the meeting that "Both sensors at CPCT do seem to have problems. It's actually CPCT-HHE that has the problem (see attached sine wave injection). The offsets were all below 1.0 V and a remote center did not help the E-W component. All 3 channels of the RT147 seem to have a problem (see attached stepped square wave injection). It should look like the attached signal from the RT147 at GMG. Unless anyone has a better idea it looks like a depot request for replacement sensors is in order."

We seem to have excessive RT147 problems. Need to follow up with ASL.

GTTN is noisy and extremely difficult to protect from lightning. It will be decommissioned and the hardware will be relocated to upgraded WSNC to digital. The N4 network will fill in the hole so we'll need to address it if the N4 network does not continue beyond its current 5-year life span.

GFM needs to be moved to a more quiet and accessible site. Possible target for digital upgrade.


Pick up BHT hardware.


Internet, accessibility, and high noise inducing RF requires we move the MGNC central receive. John presented several possibilities and investigated both the PSN digitizer and the Menlo Park system. We determined that eventually we'll need to convert all nodes to the Menlo Park system so that we can obsolesce XP. But for now, we need to reconfigure North Carolina as in this figure. This includes:
Decommission RBNC
Upgrade WSNC to broadband or S-13/Reftek and cell modem.
Rotate CCNC to repeat through fgtn and add to MTTN node.
Establish new node at High Peak.
Transmit MGNC to High Peak.
Repeat TRYN through MGNC.
Transmit GFM to High Peak.
Transmit TVNC to High Peak.
Transmit SMNC to High Peak.

Initial recon at High Peak and meeting with Morgantown rep suggests this plan will work.

Need to get breakouts that connect ISIS4 to both S-13 and L4. That way we can upgrade remaining PII stations to ISIS4 first, then later go back and replace the L4's with S-13's.


ASTN and PMTN would benefit from reconfiguring the basalts there to record continuous buffer in addition to the 100 sps rt data transfer.

PMTN needs a media converter (fix internet hangs on power cycle), an upgraded power supply, and a fence.

Upgrade VHTN, WMTN, LRVA, and CCRT to ISIS4 in mid-July.


Next time each station is visited, need to note model and serno for Smalley.

Comms with stations that telemeter to Lake County were fixed and are out again. Did something get turned off when everyone at the school left for the summer?

MAIR is not responding.

AG Network

Misc Problems
FCAR.HNZ- spikes see image
WHAR,HNZ- drifitng see image

CCAR- Had water in vault! Put on watch list. Next visit open Vault. Check all vaults on next routine service.

HHAR, WHAR, and CCAR to get PM visits before the end of June.


Chris Powell is helping to update the equipment list.


NSMP Station List.

Paragould is down.


Clean out shed behind house0 to use as field storage.

The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.