Tech Staff Meeting Notes April 7, 2014

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated July 2013


News & Highlights

The Fish Fry is Friday May 9. Cost remains at $6.

Seisnet LSP got an insufficient number of applications and will be reopened. Probable new closing date will be April 30.

Discussion on changes to the CERI affiliation with DES.

NetOpsVII will be on June 30 and July 2, 2014 at Caltech. Topics are focused on computer professionals (e.g. AQMS, products and services, etc). Website is here.

We discussed analog upgrades using IDCR. We'll purchase hardware for four ISIS4 in ET (RBNC, WSNC, CCNC, and MGNC) for about $7300 and four ISIS3 in NM (complete mkta node) for about $8700.


Some newer radios fail in cold temps (e.g. EPRM, HOPT, SJBM, and WYBT). Replacements are in the works.

Some work remains on the NMAD tower (e.g. a couple shakey preamps) from the failure last month.

Install freewave serial reset at bb stations.


Data taken from: /gaia/smeagol/dat2/Working/NM/201404/20140407_062400_MAN

Misc Problem
SJBM.EHZ- dropping out See image

We have hardware for 5 ISIS3 upgrades: Relocate and reinstall PLAR plut 4 additional TBD.

GNAR needs better insulating berm.

NODE Tasks




PO for replacing the exhaust manifold on the lnxt generator has been issued.



Telemetry is now all point-to-point and works much better.

Recorder 3 is in the shop and Steve is working on a new config for it which will then be propogated to the other 6 Granites. Its likely Recorder 5 has a bad board. Recorder 3 had a full disk and the daemon the watchdog expects contact from was unable to start due to the full disk which caused continuous reboots. The new config should avoid this and we're switching to a ring buffer, preferably that doesn't rely on the jvm. If there is a significant earthquake and we're in danger of losing mainshock data, we'll power down.


Need to review and update the power systems in 218.

Backup Liebert is engergized. Need to configure and test.

Richardson move.

New plan has the DBB going throug Wilder and the ABB through south campus. There is not enough room on the Wilder tower for both the ABB and the DBB. The abb will make the direct shot from south campus to CERI.

Will install an extension to the WUMR tower on Wilder and relay to CERI house 4 for the DBB.

ABB will relay from the WKNO tower on south campus to CERI house 1.


ASTN will get the last Basalt. A new 24V regulator is also in the works that allows more efficient charging of a two battery system.

ISIS4. VHTN, WMTN, and LRVA of the MTTN node are next for ISIS4 upgrades. Need to replace the 24V regulators at power hungry reftek sites.

Mt Gibbs has a lot of RF noise and occasional accessibility issues. We need a plan for replacing the PII boxes in NC with ISIS4 and we should consider breaking up the node into two or three mini-nodes. Can we use the Menlo Park digitizing system?


FPAL.HNZ - see image
CPCT.HHN - drifting
BCRT.HN* - see image
CPRT.EHE - see image
GTTN.HN* - see image

We seem to have excessive RT147 problems. Need to follow up with ASL.

GTTN is noisy and would benefit from a quieter site.

GFM needs to be moved to a more quiet and accessible site. Possible target for digital upgrade.


BHT will be decommissioned.




Next time each station is visited, need to note model and serno for Smalley.

MCTY is down. Possible problem with direct buried coax.

AG Network

LCAR.HN* - drifting See image
WLAR.HH* -drifting ? See image

X701 Temp station waiting on location.

CCAR- Had water in vault! Put on watch list. Next visit open Vault. Check all vaults on next routine service.


Chris Powell is helping to update the equipment list.


NSMP Station List.

Paragould is down.


The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.