Tech Staff Meeting Notes March 7, 2014

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated July 2013


News & Highlights

Tentative date for the Fish Fry is Friday May 9.

LSP relcassification is almost finished afterwhich we can post the ad for Al's replacement.

Figures from discussion in December about the CEUSN TA network are here. Map of 158 stations planned for adoption over the next five years.
Map of 65 stations that lie within the NM and SE authoritative polygons.


Some newer radios fail in cold temps (e.g. EPRM, HOPT, SJBM, and WYBT). Replacements are in the works.

Some work remains on the NMAD tower (e.g. a couple shakey preamps) from the failure last month.

PEBM has a new router but still not communicating. Contacted IP host.

Install freewave serial reset at bb stations.

Short Period & Broadbands


Misc Problem
GNAR.HHN - drifting see image
NHAR.EHN - muted amplitude? see image

We have hardware for 5 ISIS3 upgrades: Relocate and reinstall PLAR plut 4 additional TBD.

GNAR needs better insulating berm.

NODE Tasks




PO for replacing the exhaust manifold on the lnxt generator has been issued.



Hardware and permission to expand the telemetry on top of AZTN is in hand. The point to mulitpoint configuration works well at the data rates for a single broadband station but not at the data rates we have from the bridge. The telemetry expansion will allow all point to point telemetry which should solve the gap and restart problems.


Need to review and update the power systems in 218.

Backup Liebert is physically in place. Waiting on P-plant to finish the install. We'll wire it so that it only comes on when the generator comes on. The should be a switch like the primary Liebert so that it could be manually switched to line. Chris will get with Bob for placement and with P-plant on installation.

Richardson is being replaced. Construction began last summer. Richardson will be demolished after the move to the new dorm--tentatively end of summer 2014. The current plan is to telemeter both ABB and DBB from SFTN to the WKNO tower on south campus. From there, telemeter the ABB directly to CERI (and get rid of the noisy phone lines). Telemeter the DBB on a 2.4G link to the tower on top of the Zach Curlin Garage then a 950M link from there to CERI.


GRBT needs a new power and signal cable, and a new transformer.

ASTN will get the last Basalt. A new 24V regulator is also in the works that allows more efficient charging of a two battery system.

Intuicom at CPRT was struck by lightning, again.

ISIS4. VHTN, WMTN, and LRVA of the MTTN node are next for ISIS4 upgrades. Need to replace the 24V regulators at power hungry reftek sites.

Mt Gibbs has a lot of RF noise and occasional accessibility issues. We need a plan for replacing the PII boxes in NC with ISIS4 and we should consider breaking up the node into two or three mini-nodes. Can we use the Menlo Park digitizing system?

Taken from this event:


GTTN.HN* see image

Misc Problems

FPAL.HHE - drifting
SWET.HHE- drifting
BCRT.HNZ -spikes see image

We seem to have excessive RT147 problems. Need to follow up with ASL.

GTTN is noisy and would benefit from a quieter site.

GFM needs to be moved to a more quiet and accessible site. Possible target for digital upgrade.


BHT will be decommissioned.




Next time each station is visited, need to note model and serno for Smalley.

AG Network

Upgrade at WLAR to AC power is approved.


One 6TD returned, has flat traces. Two others returned from England.


NSMP Station List.

Paragould is down.


The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.