Tech Staff Meeting Notes April 23, 2013

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated May 2012 (needs updating)


News & Highlights

Q&A on budget

New faculty

Golonka visit 5/21


The NELE instruments are currently deployed in Idaho. They are scheduled to be taken out in June. The first wave will go to another experiment. We will hopefully get our first wave of instruments in late summer. We don't know when or how many. The rest will follow in waves as available.


Short Period & Broadbands

Routine Maintenance: Top Priorities for the new year are these 2012 leftovers.

NMAD: 1 ISIS and 0 bb

LNXT: Done

MKTA: 6 ISIS and 1 bb

CLTN needs an earthen berm.

EDIT, NNAR & CHNM: NNAR and CHNM will be redirected to transmit directly to the node instead of through EDIT.

Muted Amplitude
BETM.EHN see image

Mag. 4.0 gain range problems
These stations had problems with the gain channel during the Magnitude 4 Missouri event on Feb 21, 2012. It isn't clear to me whether they data channels saturated or whether there was excessive chatter in the gain channel. See image.

GNAR needs better insulating berm.

EBZ will require excavating the sensor to trouble shoot the problem. Ancestral myths suggest its 8 feet under. Its also noisy and needs to become 3-c to get s-arrivals. We'll decommission the S-13 and convert it to ungain-ranged isis (so it can stay on the abb and in the automatics).

NODE Tasks




We're using propane too fast. We need to let the level, currently 35%, go down before repairing the leak. Will call Cummins when we're under 10%, probably this fall at current rates.


G and D and the local EMA installed a 25kW generator to power that side of the building. If there's room power-wise would they let us power the rack from it too? We could share the maintenance of the generator. We'd also have to install a transfer switch.



Need a PFLR alarm in 218/3904. Currently only get a PFLR when UPS dies. Need to know when Line goes down and when gernator transfers or not.

Generator fuel lift pump, battery & air filter should be replaced. Jim sent a quote to PP for that follow up work but no word yet. Cummins is now on a UM agreement and Jim is working with purchasing to get LNXT generator included.

Twisted pair from Richardson is extremely noisy causing problems with the analog backbone. Richardson is also on the UM 5-year capital improvement plan to be replaced.

Visit to WKNO tower on south campus was good. The building is URM so we want to minimize our footprint inside. There isn't a good telemetry shot to CERI so we'd need to move the ceri node (e.g. mudworm and associated rack, dbb firewall, etc) to the tower. Mitch is checking with ITD about bandwidth.

Jim asked about the feasibility of putting a 100 foot freestanding tower on the CERI campus. Steve spoke with Research Support and P-plant. Past issues with permissions may now be less onerous. We can't put it between houses 1 and 0 because the MLGW right of way to the transformer. Mitch will see about necessary $20-30k. Jim and Steve will look into getting a cost estimate and find out if there is anyplace at CERI that meets code for a tower.


Replace foam rubber plugs at all year 1 stations (need to notch it to accomodate the GPS pods): ASAR, CBHT.

CVVA. Should we reclassify as non-real-time, or decommission?

We need a single document (access database excel spreadsheet) to document information on all freefield strongmotion stations to include contact(s), current IP's(eternal/external), what ports are allowed in from what IP's here at CERI, telnet yes or no, trigger levels etc. etc.

All nodes reporting except hd3. Still have poor connections with some nodes.




LRVA and VHTN are on deck for upgrades with the Basalts from the Depot.

Multi-station image

FPAL.HHE* - drifting?
CSTN - gappy
BCRT.EHN- muted amplitude

There is a TA station, V52A is installed nearby and a radio link should work to the top of the Green Top tower. Mitch will contact EarthScope.


Generator is not functional despite EMA's effort to repair. Consider additional battery for starworm.

If they get the generator working, a generator on alarm would be useful. Do we have this at other nodes (e.g. Memphis and LNXT)?

BHT move. The MOU with the Catoosa WMA for Pilot Knob is going very slowly. John found a nearby location on Pilot Mt (different from Pilot Knob Mt) with a privately owned tower. The area surrounding it is owned by a timber company. The tower owner is amenable. John will persue as an alternative to The Catoosa WMA.

John suggests that we consider abandoning CMGA and moving it to the TA station TA-X51A. It has already been installed and a radio link between that location and GMG will work.


BRBC timing is bad. Repaired last week.

RBNC and CCNC need new radio pairs.

MTTN Node ASTN: Change to AC power. We have permission and can install anytime.


PIGT has internet issues, needs a site visit.

Need $1500 to by a 1u unit to replace the VM's.

AG Network

WHAR replacement hardware is ready for install.


One 6TD returned, needs testing. Two others forwarded to England for repair.


NSMP Station List.


The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.