Tech Staff Meeting Notes January 3, 2013

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated May 2012


News & Highlights

MLK Day on January 21 is a UofM Holiday.

We had good survivability during the prolonged lack of sun in December.

Preferred time frames for the 2013 Fish Fry are early October or September, or late April. Mitch will follow up with Chuck.

Middle TN Station (aka CLTN)

Site selection complete. Agreement in process. Need to plant a flag on the ground where the station will be.

We're scheduled to decomission the Bayou Corne array in January. All work needs to be completed prior to contract expiration on 1/31. The vibroseis is scheduled to begin on 1/17 and it should take 3 or 4 days. We want to begin the decommission as soon as that work is complete though we must begin no later than 1/27 in order to meet the 1/31 deadline (includes shipping back to USGS). All charges must be incurred prior to EOB 1/31.

Several servers rebooted about 5 minutes after 9am local on November 19. Jim reports that the logs showed a frequency error. The error did not repeat on December 3.


Short Period & Broadbands

Routine Maintenance:

NMAD: 1 ISIS and 0 bb

LNXT: Done

MKTA: 6 ISIS and 1 bb

EDIT, NNAR & CHNM: NNAR and CHNM will be redirected to transmit directly to the node instead of through EDIT.

Quick list to be updated shortly


muted amplitude

Strong Mo down

Mag. 4.0 gain range problems
These stations had problems with the gain channel during the Magnitude 4 Missouri event on Feb 21, 2012. It isn't clear to me whether they data channels saturated or whether there was excessive chatter in the gain channel. See image.

GNAR drifted dramatically when the weather got cold over Thanksgiving break. A recenter temporarily fixed it. Get your shovel ready Dave, we need more insulation around the vault.

NODE Tasks




Jim is getting a quote to replace the muffler, exhaust manifold, and vaporizor solenoid.

We're using propane too fast. When we replace the solenoid and muffler, have them check for possible leaks.

Mitch needs to modify env_alarm to monitor the ACFA channel. It is no longer a simple binary on/off voltage but rather contains pulses that indicate the status of the 3-phase AC power input. (this may never get done consider striking from the list).


G and D and the local EMA installed a 25kW generator to power that side of the building. If there's room power-wise would they let us power the rack from it too? We could share the maintenance of the generator. We'd also have to install a transfer switch.



Twisted pair from Richardson is extremely noisy causing problems with the analog backbone. Richardson is also on the UM 5-year capital improvement plan to be replaced.

Visit to WKNO tower on south campus was good. The building is URM so we want to minimize our footprint inside. There isn't a good telemetry shot to CERI so we'd need to move the ceri node (e.g. mudworm and associated rack, dbb firewall, etc) to the tower. Mitch is checking with ITD about bandwidth.

Jim asked about the feasibility of putting a 100 foot freestanding tower on the CERI campus. Hardware should cost around $7k if we do it ourselves. We'd need a bigger jin pole. Mitch and Jim will get together to develop a more detailed proposal to request permisson from the University.


MCAR is the only remaining station coming in via gcf2ew on anssworm. MCAR loses its connection a half dozen or so times per day.

Replace foam rubber plugs at all year 1 stations (need to notch it to accomodate the GPS pods): ASAR, CBHT, CUET, MCAR.

CVVA. The saga continues.

We need a single document (access database excel spreadsheet) to document information on all freefield strongmotion stations to include contact(s), current IP's(eternal/external), what ports are allowed in from what IP's here at CERI, telnet yes or no, trigger levels etc. etc.

Heli's for 1 channel per granite are running on shakeworm and accessing aztnworm. Recorders 3 and 5 have no data at aztnworm. Recorders 1 and 2 have very poor completion. 4 is not bad but still has periods of no data. 6 and 7 have lots of gaps. How much of this is telemetry to aztn and how much is low bandwidth See Steve B. will get heli going at aztn to investigate further.




Quick list to be updated shortly


SMNC - dropping out and spikes
TVNC - gain channel problems
RBNC - spikes
MGNC -spikes

Strong motion problems
CSTN - gappy

Strong Motion down
CVVA no internet

Other problems
CMGA - interefernce-noise
BCRT.EHN -see image in RT
GRBT.EHN -spikes on channel


Generator is not functional despite EMA's effort to repair. Consider additional battery for starworm.

If they get the generator working, a generator on alarm would be useful. Do we have this at other nodes (e.g. Memphis and LNXT)?

BHT move. We may need a written MOU with the Catoosa WMA so John gave them the one we did with TDEC as an example. New site on Pilot Knob Mtn. is about about 9 miles to the E NE. The new location does not have a path to Star Mountain but we do now have hardware for the digital upgrade (a Basalt). John obtained permission to install a repeater at the sheriff's office in Wartburg. Was this where we get internet?


RBNC and CCNC need new radio pairs.

Battery backup is reinstalled but there is still a problem. Currently has only an Off the shelf UPS.

Central Receive: Still have interference. John is scheduled to meet with the engineer for the radio station this week. If he confirms we're being interfered with, then BRB will ask the ham operator to fix the problem or power down.

WSNC: Fixed transmitter but had to pull the sensor to repair the E-W channel.

MTTN Node ASTN: Change to AC power. We have permission and can install anytime.


AG Network

WLAR has large latencies and poor internet connection. Something odd is also going on with the Reftek and it may be losing power or cycling. Works fine with no outages when the reftek is operating at the VC connected directly to the router. So the problem must be between the station and the router. This could be a candidate for a cell modem.

Steve H wants to redeploy the portables. Bee Branch is the top of Holly's wish list.


David contacted Guralp to get estimates to repair CMG6TD's.


PM's complete at all stations.

NSMP Station List.


The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.