Tech Staff Meeting Notes July 9, 2012

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table updated May 2012


News & Highlights

The Fish Fry will be Friday, August 31, 2012.

Now that we're more familiar with RT, we need to have another powow on it to better define procedures for using it. Mitch will set a time and date.

Middle TN Station

Gary got Chris in touch with Bill Cooper from TEMA for a potential site. He says its a 250 acre, fenced TEMA facility off Foster Avenue. He remembers some new one story buildings on the Foster campus housing some of their IT staff in new one story office buildings. And they were right next to a big open and quiet field. Chris is following up.


Short Period & Broadbands

EDIT, NNAR & CHNM: NNAR and CHNM will be redirected to transmit directly to the node instead of through EDIT.

CACT- canister pulled
STAM- sporadic dropping out
WADM - sporadic dropping out

Isis Oxidation

Muted Amplitude

Unknown Problem
HENM.HH* - see image

Mag. 4.0 gain range problems
These stations had problems with the gain channel during the Magnituded 4 Missouri event on Feb 21, 2012. It isn't clear to me whether they data channels saturated or whether there was excessive chatter in the gain channel. See image.

Weak Battery/Solar There were 10 stations down for this event. I'm guessing that for a majority of them it was just the battery. Chris fixed 4 of them. HCAR was flooded and HTAR is a likely coax problem. The remaining 4 are listed
The of those four were upgraded to isis3. Need to check LVAR.

NODE Tasks




Jim is getting a quote to replace the muffler, exhaust manifold, and vaporizor solenoid.

Mitch needs to modify env_alarm to monitor the ACFA channel. It is no longer a simple binary on/off voltage but rather contains pulses that indicate the status of the 3-phase AC power input.


G and D and the local EMA installed a 25kW generator to power that side of the building. If there's room power-wise would they let us power the rack from it too? We could share the maintenance of the generator. We'd also have to install a transfer switch.



Twisted pair from Richardson is extremely noisy causing problems with the analog backbone. Richardson is also on the UM 5-year capital improvement plan to be replaced. We got a tour of Wilder and its doable. We need to see if we can get a path to CERI so we know whether we just need to move what's on Richardson now, or whether we need to turn Wilder into an entirely new node (i.e. new mudworm). Then we can get Planning to help us with a design and then we can get permission.
We could just move the firewall from 3904/218 to Wilder and get the DBB on the campus internet that way (if there's no aironet line of site). There are good telephone pairs from from the Wilder roof to the basement and we could move the ceri node/mudworm to the basement. Otherwise we'd have to find and trust connections between the basement and CERI.

We have line of site from the southeast corner of 3904 except there are powerlines in the way. Can we put up a tower on the east side of 3904 to get over the trees and power lines on central?


Ownership, Operation, and Maintenance of the four Charleston, SC stations (C1SC, C2SC, ADSC, and TRSC) was turned over the Univ. of SC at Columbia. At Phillip's request, we letting the data flow through CERI for the time being. Eventually it will get switched to Columbia and the network codes will then change from NM to CO.

RDST, CBHT, and MCAR are coming in via gcf2ew on anssworm. CBHT occassionally loses its connection but is overall, ok. MCAR loses its connection about twice as much so while its mostly functional, it should be better. At RDST, a datapacket sneaks through a couple times per day--it needs an end to end internet checkup.

Replace foam rubber plugs at all year 1 stations (need to notch it to accomodate the GPS pods): ASAR, CBHT, CUET, CVTN, HDBT, LNXT, MCAR, NAIT, SFTN & TUMT.

NAIT: Couldn't get the NWS cable modem to cooperate at NAIT (firewall?). Dean was going to ask Comcast about it and maybe get a new modem. Steve will follow up.

CVVA. John contacted DMME again. He's also looking into the possibility of a freewave link to UVA.

We need a single document (access database excel spreadsheet) to document information on all freefield strongmotion stations to include contact(s), current IP's(eternal/external), what ports are allowed in from what IP's here at CERI, telnet yes or no, trigger levels etc. etc.


Need cat5 from AZTN roof to equipment room.

Need cat5 from AZTN roof to equipment room.


GTTN move is waiting on Mr. Philyaw to schedule a crew to move hardware. He will contact John when he does.

ET Down list

Unknown Problem
GRBT.EHN - spikes on channel
CMGA- interference
RCGA - interference - just not quite as disruptive
CCNC- interference -spikes
SMNC -interference -spikes
BCRT - horizontals- see image
VHTN.EHN - drifting - see image
CSTN - still has significant gaps
SWET- horizontals drifting- spikes -see image


Only the DYTN upgrade remains. See map.
Agreement is complete: clear to launch.


Reinstall radios for node reset.

BHT move. John has a verbal permission from the Catoosa WMA to move it about 9 miles to the E NE to Pilot Knob Mtn. This likely will need to be a written permission. The new location does not have a path to Star Mountain but we do now have hardware for the digital upgrade (a Basalt).


Central Receive: Still have interference from the ham operator. John will pursue this with the FCC.

TRYN: New tower and building are in place, O.K. to install anytime.

WSNC: Fixed transmitter but had to pull the sensor to repair the E-W channel.

CMGA: need to camp out with a spectrum analyzer to identify the interference.

MTTN Node ASTN: Change to AC power. We have permission and can install anytime.


We need a better plan for end-to-end O&M of the GPS network in the post JPD era.

CVMS has probabl cat5 wiring problem.

I40 Bridge Upgrade

Granites are on a 192 network. Worm is running. Ready to install.

AG Network

WLAR has large latencies and poor internet connection.


Chris is looking for suitable bags to protect CMG6TDs during burial. First experiment with a bag under water failed.

What equipment in the FDL is no longer needed. Mitch will call a meeting of FDL users to discuss culling the equipment. Also, the check out/in process is largely ignored--what system could be implemented that people will actually use. Jer Ming is having trouble with some of the old equipment.

We have one bad CMG-6 Should it go Guralp for repair? Who pays for it?


NSMP Station List.

Paris Tn plan a visit whem looking for Middle tn Site.


New door locking scheme got delayed.

The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.