Tech Staff Meeting Notes January 4, 2012

The top priority is always repair of down stations.
NM problem stations
ET problem stations

Duty Table


News & Highlights

January 16 is MLK Day and is a paid university holiday.

NetOpsVI is focused on field ops. It will be in Berkeley, CA March 27-28, 2012. Mitch and David will attend on seisnet funds and Jim and John will apply for USGS travel support.

Middle TN Station

The West TN Seismic Safety Commission is sponsoring hadware for a new station in middle TN. It will be a Reftek/T120/Episensor like the AG network stations. Priorities are stable comm and seismically quiet. Funds need to be spent prior to June 30 and we'll shoot for an Autumn install. Chris will start the site/permit process (we could adopt a TA vault but need to be careful with comms).

Hanging Stations

There are several stations that have a problem with arbitrarily hanging. Mitch sent an email to the netops list but the resulting suggestions didn't really help to solve the problem.

GTTN/CPRT. These are two refteks behind a single router. They use udp to transmit data. The router opens a port when a broadcast is initiated by the reftek. The rtpd on achilles acknowledges back to the reftek on that port. When the refteks creates a new connection for whatever reason, sometimes the router port used by the router isn't the same as what the reftek or rtpd thinks it is. Steve has a "fanless pc" in house with ubuntu installed and he is working on rtpd/rtp2rtpd and on Scream. Jim updated the firmware on the GNAR reftek and its been behaving ever since (even though we were previously at a newer release than what reftek support said was needed to fix this problem). So while we were going to test the fanless pc at GNAR first, we can now go straight to GTTN/CPRT (though new building construction is underway there now).

GNAR. Jim updated the firmware and its been behaving ever since (even though we were previously at a newer release than what reftek support said was needed to fix this problem).

RDST and MCAR are also prone to hang. They're now on gcf2ew along with a script that forces a kill and restart when necessary.

FPAL did the hanging trick too. Mitch did all the resets possible. Tom power cycled everything. Mitch reinstalled updated firmware and still it didn't work. All along we were able to get a direct connection to the reftek via rtcc but not an rtpd connection and acquisition start was on but the rtpd connection was down. Also tried stopping and restarting rtpd. Mitch changed the delay on the stream details button and uploaded the new parameters and it magically started working. I don't think this is the solution to get it working but is instead coincidental. The real problem is using udp for long haul ip comm. Mitch updated the firmware here too and just like GNAR, its been behaving ever since (even though we were previously at a newer release than what reftek support said was needed to fix this problem).


ISIS station review.

Short Period & Broadbands

EDIT, NNAR & CHNM: NNAR and CHNM repeat through EDIT and the received signal is very bad due to trees. NNAR and CHRM are very noisy and fade out quite a bit. EDIT is now located in the Chicksaw National Wildlife Preserve so cutting trees is not an option. There isn't a clear path to a repeater on the Edith forest tower either. Need a new plan (maybe go directly to the node?).

WALK: Chris and Manning were unable to reach WALK up in the KY bend. Mr Lynn indicated that the station was completely underwater but it is still up? (yes still up).

Reinstall the rest of HDBT when internet connectivity is established (either the connection to Boswell becomes live, or we bail and move the Boswell dsl to Mud Island).

Search for quieter site for CTCT.

Dynamic NMDown list

Original list based on NM event 20111229_150610_MAN

See images. LPAR is included just to confirm that nothing is wrong with the station. Is it just noise?

ASAR - probably just needs a reset

Unk. Problem
HDAR (pulled for repair)
PEBM.HHN - drifting

Isis Oxidation
GLST.EHE (rebuilding hardware that came out of LEPT to install at GLST)

Muted Amplitude

Weak Battery/Solar There were 10 stations down for this event. I'm guessing that for a majority of them it was just the battery.

NODE Tasks




Chris will purchase the 1 year term planned service agreement with Cummins.

Steve will replace the lnxtworm computer.


G and D and the local EMA installed a 25kW generator to power that side of the building. If there's room power-wise would they let us power the rack from it too? We could share the maintenance of the generator. We'd also have to install a transfer switch.

Need to install an iboot and discontinue POTS.



Twisted pair from Richardson is extremely noisy causing problems with the analog backbone. Richardson is also on the UM 5-year capital improvement plan to be replaced. We got a tour of Wilder and its doable. We need to see if we can get a path to CERI so we know whether we just need to move what's on Richardson now, or whether we need to turn Wilder into an entirely new node (i.e. new mudworm). Then we can get Planning to help us with a design and then we can get permission.
We could just move the firewall from 3904/218 to Wilder and get the DBB on the campus internet that way (if there's no aironet line of site). There are good telephone pairs from from the Wilder roof to the basement and we could move the ceri node/mudworm to the basement. Otherwise we'd have to find and trust connections between the basement and CERI.

We have line of site from the southeast corner of 3904 except there are powerlines in the way. Can we put up a tower on the east side of 3904 to get over the trees and power lines on central?

Board Shop was decommissioned.


LNXT: We have a Basalt to replace the cmg5td at LNXT. This will require some additional engineering. We need to use rock2slink to transfer data (like the granites). Mitch will determine if we can keep the RS422 and rock2link via serial or whether we have to convert everything to IP.

Ownership, Operation, and Maintenance of the four Charleston, SC stations (C1SC, C2SC, ADSC, and TRSC) was turned over the Univ. of SC at Columbia. At Phillip's request, we letting the data flow through CERI for the time being. Eventually it will get switched to Columbia and the network codes will then change from NM to CO.

RDST, CBHT, and MCAR are coming in via gcf2ew on anssworm. CBHT occassionally loses its connection but is overall, ok. MCAR loses its connection about twice as much so while its mostly functional, it should be better. At RDST, a datapacket sneaks through a couple times per day. So, there must be hardware problems. RDST should be fixed or removed (though if there is a hardware problem, it can't be redeployed).

Replace foam rubber plugs at all year 1 stations (need to notch it to accomodate the GPS pods): ASAR, CBHT, CUET, CVTN, HDBT, LNXT, MCAR, NAIT, SFTN & TUMT.

NAIT: Couldn't get the NWS cable modem to cooperate at NAIT (firewall?). Dean was going to ask Comcast about it and maybe get a new modem. Steve will follow up.

CVVA. John contacted DMME again. He's also looking into the possibility of a freewave link to UVA.

We need a single document (access database excel spreadsheet) to document information on all freefield strongmotion stations to include contact(s), current IP's(eternal/external), what ports are allowed in from what IP's here at CERI, telnet yes or no, trigger levels etc. etc.


Granites are in house and powered up. Steve assigned ip's (.158.50-57) and David installed rock2slink on them. Mitch is trying to get slink2ew importing data.


Bad CMG5 E/W.

Not getting broadband feed.

On hold for Boswell comm.


Replace two bad mss100's.

Bad 100' accelerometer.

On hold for Boswell comm.

If we can't get the Boswell comm worked out by the Jan 31, we'll remove bowlworm and discontinue the dsl at Boswell. Steve will investigate if we can get dsl at either the weight station or mud island. Otherwise, we'll make a wireless link from the weigh station to AZTN and look into getting additional bandwidth at AZTN. The building and bridge channels don't need to be exported continuous to CERI but the mud island and weigh station channels do. Though we may wish to have a couple of the AZTN and bridge channels on helicorders for SOH.


Dynamic ETDown list

Original list taken from ET event (Ohio) 20111231_200500_MAN

WSNC- bad L4
CMGA-periodic down-possible weak battery

Sporadic Down

Misc Problems
SWET.HHE - drifting - see image
DYTN - gain channel is down - see image
RBNC - gain channel and *.EHE channel problem - see image

Strong Motion problem
CSTN - down at the time of this email
CVVA- internet connection

Only the DYTN upgrade remains. See map.
Forest service has draft agreement.


BHT move. Latest update from John:

  1. We had planned on moving BHT from it's present location because access has gotten so bad.
  2. I have been working on getting a permission to move it about 3 miles to the E NE to Black Mtn. There is some issue with the permission, but my contact with the Cumberland Trail State Park says he believes we can work it out.
  3. If this station is ever upgraded to a RefTek, it is doubtful we would be able to make the 45 mile radio shot from Black Mtn. to Starr Mtn. so we would have to find a new place to transmit to. It will not repeat through any other station, because it is either blocked by mountains or too long a shot.
  4. Previously, we had discussed trying to find another site to relocate BHT to in order to center it between WMTN and DYTN.
  5. I found a site in the Catoosa Wildlife Area called Pilot Knob Mtn, (36 deg. 322'N, 84 deg. 45'W). It is about 18 miles NE of BHT. It is at an old fire tower site and apparently there is still a good road up to it.
  6. I have also found a couple of potential sites to transmit to where we could get internet.

So, before I proceed any further, we need to decide if a replacement station for BHT should get a RefTek and if so, do we want to put the station at Black Mtn. or at another site.


Power upgrades: RBNC, and TRYN.

TRYN: Hardware is removed from the tower and will be reinstalled when the new one is complete.


Greentop is getting a new tower. When? Now--station went down on 12/21 possibly from a cut cable or something. John is investigating.


STLE landowner has asked that we move eq. cabinet and protect antenna monument with steel barricade. Antenna mount is done.
The VLF power supplies were installed CJTR and PIGT. Still needed at NMKM and RLAP.
MAIR is now connected directly to the Water District internet. We can recover the wireless hardware.

I40 Bridge Upgrade

Granites are in house. Dave installed rock2slink on them. Mitch is working on slink2ew.

AG Network


All 11 CMG6TD's are back, checked, serviced, and ready to go.

What equipment in the FDL is no longer needed. Mitch will call a meeting of FDL users to discuss culling the equipment. Also, the check out/in process is largely ignored--what system could be implemented that people will actually use.


NSMP Station List.


The seisnet group on umdrive is at You will need your uuid and password.

The pink palace display now includes a heli connection for MPHB. Need to retrieve any remaining hardare (e.g. antenna and reciever on roof).