Tech Staff Meeting Notes September 4, 2007

This was an abbreviated staff meeting. Only Bill, Jim, Chris, and Greg were asked to participate. The purpose was to avoid all the normal things and focus on the 3 priorities to be completed by the end of September.

  1. Mud Island
  2. All the parts and supplies (except sundries like sakrete, maybe some conduit, etc) are in hand. It just needs to be installed. This includes the installation for the weigh station which Greg will get permission for this week. Wish to keep data flowing from the surface CMT5TD on mud island (HDBT) and its companion at the weight station (HDAR) to autozone. This will keep these operational as is until the TDOT Boswell site is ready for us in January or February. Will need to archive triggered data for the other sensors in the dm24 and use sneaker net for download till the link to Richardson can be established.
  3. Two New GPS Stations
  4. These are the ones at Lake County High School and New Markham. There are many purchases to be made prior to the end of the month. The details of some remain unclear. Greg will need to accompany James on a site visit to decide.
  5. Station Maintenance
  6. Jim has been making excellent progress and needs to keep going as the situation from the other two priorities permits.