Tech Staff Meeting Notes July 5, 2006

Current Top Priorities are:NMAD Node BB upgrade, then Station Maintenance and SWET rebuild, then continue with ET Stations. (also would like to fit GNAR rebuild in there somewhere).

There are four levels of priority.
PrioritiesWish to try to get these done (or make progress on) before the next meeting (yeah right)
Second TierFit this in too if an opportunity arises. May be good to do instead of priorities but check with Mitch. Likely to be a priority in a previous and/or subsequent month
As Time PermitsFit these in when you can but not instead of first or second priorities
OtherStuff we hope to get to and don't want to forget about

This redistributed task list agreed to at the November meeting. Note that everyone is still needed to work on essentially all tasks. There is however, a single person who is primarily responsible for each one. Mitch of course, is ultimately responsible for everything.

Greg's July ToDo List is incorporated into this page.

Mitch forgot to include Davis on the email so GPS wasn't discussed.


BB network upgrade.
Huddle tests are in progress and several sensors were blessed by Greg. See Mitch's PDF webpage for results.
GNAR will need to include moving our equipment from the classroom to a different room.
NMAD node is next.
Greg's notes:
Huddle test existing cmg40's with dm24 in BB test vault.
GPS timing issu resolution (firmware upgrades).
Hardware for NMMO central receive.
Redesign BB field sites for new hardware.
Plan upgrades for New Madrid CR.
Design field tower installation.
Think about Lennox CR upgrade.

Chris will get with James to find out what needs doing. Here are the notes from last time:

MACC/CJTR - These are our two most distant sites (N Little Rock, AR, Park Hills, MO). We normally only get to each once a year, and they'll both need standard maintenance (batteries, case inspection, etc). I'll need Chris McGoldrick along for CJTR since he knows the layout there. Bill can help with MACC. Both these projects should likely wait until July.
MAIR - Our steel enclosure at the Mississippi County Airport is rusting and needs to be replaced. This will be a two man job, at least. Bob needs to order the replacement enclosure, first, so we'll need to let you know when we're ready to proceed. This should be done before August. We've also got a lead on wireless Internet based in East Prairie, MO, and I've called to inquire about it. I'm still waiting for an email with equipment details before determining if we can get similar equipment for cheaper. Bob will need to give approval before we pursue this as a means of getting MAIR online.
RLAP - Our receiver at the Reelfoot Air Park needs to be placed back inside the terminal building. This project can wait until later this year, but should be completed before November.
CERI - We need to get an antenna setup here at CERI for GPS research and testing. I'm considering an antenna mount at the Grad Building that can take at least two antennas. This is an upcoming project without more solid details. Again, we'll need to let you know when we need help with this.


The map shows stations with yellow triangles being new ones.
Mt Gibbs Node is complete. Al is working on getting the remote reset working through the firewall. Apparently the manufacturer (or distributor) of the reset gizmo doesn't know what port it uses. May need to install additional filters at the receive end to reduce getting interference or intermod or whatever is clobbering the data occassionally. SMNC needs to have pins verified and adsend.d verified; gain channel is on the vertical.
SMNC4done (see note above)
Can we figure out a way to give the state park people some kind of wiggle display (waveviewer is not a good option and they would like something closer to real-time than heli_ewII).

Bill is getting familiarized with these so he can take them over. Continued problems with mss100's losing connectivity (SMOC: simple matter of connectivity). The good news is Jim verified that the stations are still working when SMOC is lost.
SWET-3H52, ADSC-5657, and CSTN-5637 need to have the leap second corrected. SHTN-5648 and TRSC-5662 might also but need a site visit to verify.
Need to upgrade trimble firmware to avoid leap second error next time. A workable upgrade procedure doesn't yet exist. Jim, Wurth, and DTA or working on it. Done.
CVTN and ASAR optical isolation. Need to upgrade to year 3 hardware. Hardware ready. James brought back some nice pictures from CVTN to help figure out how to do it (e.g. the conduit is way too small).

Routine Maintenance.

Unscheduled Maintenance
Holly's list of channels that need attention as of the date of this meeting:
PWLA- just went down
LNXT Node:
NMAD Node:
MKTA Node:

SWET Upgrade This has gone no where since last time. We will bail on trying to upgrade for any plans the NEIC might have and just do the rebuild, as needed, for what we have installed.

Second Tier Priorities

Need to have the pickup serviced and the Suburban rear end looked at.

Greg is installing and configuring power for new Dell rack mounts.

Need to follow up on ATV training.

NCCU Gordana Vlahovic is getting a cmg6td to install at North Carolina Central University. Hardware was delivered to NCCU and Mitch faxed the Invoice.

Steiner Brain Dump Seminar This is delayed til fall/winter sometime.
Beginning this summer, Greg will be giving a weekly non-credit seminar. It will primarily be for the tech staff and will cover all the knowledge we need to pass from Greg to other staff. Others at CERI will be welcome to participate if they wish. Preferred time is Mondays at 9. This will start sometime in mid-May. Send ideas on what to want to learn about to Greg.

FDL. Mitch needs to yank Paul's chain to get an account number for new laptops.

As Time Permits

Mitch needs to write an ew module to monitor the environmental channels newly installed at the nodes. It should watch for changes and either report status at routine intervals and/or when there is a change or alarm level reached. Should write a new message type to the ring at the node, then have export export those messages to an import running at memphis. Then have a module listening for them at memphis and logging or emailing them. Alternatively, just decimate the data and run a helicorder.

Need to come up with a good way for John to view real data (not helicorders) on is pc over dsl.

Generators Bill is finishing up the enclosure. Need to clean off the coils.


I-40 Bridge.
Boreholes are drilled and more or less secured. Need to do prep for new instrumention at HDBT and take care of drainage now that a big pile of stone and dirt was piled around the station. Also need to fix GPS 1 site one of these months or years.

Got the modem and internet works. Need to integrate into CERI central processing.

MPHB. Withers needs to determine current orientation so we can pull it and orient correctly. Helicorders look strange. Need to verify the data.

VBMS. Vault is done. Contractor is on schedule to be complete by July 7. Waiting on NEIC to set a date for sensor/electronic/vsat installation. Apparently a 42 inch gas pipeline is going in about 750 feet from the station (it must be cursed). Meremonte, Swann, and Mitch are discussing options.

Langston Zack. Greg's list said to test accelerometers and mass produce hardware. This is wayback burner. Mitch will check with Chuck to verify that its even going to be done anymore.