Steiner ToDo List updated January 2005

Broadband 24 bit upgrade Status: (on hold- Qualtron Radios)
VHF Radio's, Jan '05
New breakout bd (holding for VHF radio configurations)
Telemetry plan(holding for VHF radios)

Bridge Installation Status: Mostly Done
2 Bad components, Pier A.
Possibly redo some antenna's.
Need to finish Autozone upgrades for bridge recording.

Field deployment lab Status: (mostly on hold- G Patterson/P plant)
Flood proofing(pending Gary Patterson P Plant )
Lean to clean out(pending Gary Patterson P Plant )
Reorganization and restocking

BB test Vault Status:(anytime)
Install power and data wiring
Install ventilation and internal lighting

Battery charge station Status: (anytime)
External hydrogen vent
Eyewash station plumbing

GPS timing system time error flags at recording nodes
Part of overall node diagnostics system?

New Madrid tower site brush hogging