Steiner list from 5/24/04. Italics are withers commentary.

David Projects:

Finish 12 ANSS year 3 boards (3 types)

Build 6 cmg-6 suppressors for FDL

Pour slabs around and in test vault

Install conduits and elcetrical enclosure at test vault

Neutralize etchant in bd shop


Bridge deployment (need software)

clean out expansion area (don't need entire I-40 mockup)

24-bit upgrade

CERI Bldg3 power system determination (see schedule from main staff meeting notes)

Sun lab ups system and AC considertations

Sun computer lab installation

FDL reorganization

FDL flooding

Digital backbone PM

SEKY installation time frame (installed by 9/30)

CMG6 demos sysetms power box and cables and PC

Mike Ellis compressor system and spray nozzles

Supplemental AC for PERC museum

PERC display modifications and additions (let's not let the dreamers get out of hand on this one)

New CERI computer systems installation (None not already planned for)

Modify worm racks with doors

Reconfigure existing worm racks (these are the original worms; withers has plans for rotating in new machines)

GPS network issues

Precision power for perc drums

Steiner's old list from 6/2/02