Tech Staff Meeting Notes November 15, 2004

Current Top Priorities are:I-40 Bridge, Evansville, TZTN


Greg's list

BB network upgrade. Should have shipped repaired radios (did we get them?). A gazillion details to work out.


Tentatively scheduled immediately following Thanksgiving Holiday.
Wurth claims he needs some year 3 hardware. What does he have already? Seems like we've sent him enough already to rebuild trinet.
How many units does DTA have?
Need to revisit getting continuous connections to all possible stations.

I-40 Bridge. Phase I of the installation is nearing completion. Four more sensors left to install which will be done later this week when they block the north side lanes. Problems encountered with communications both the tcp/ip and reset channels. Will run some tests between AZTN and bridge. Steve will get DSL installed and discontinue all ISDN service (CERI, AZTN, LNXT). Blockage at 17 feet prevents installation of borehole sensor. Sharam needs to contact Parrish to see if there is anything that can be done about this. Possibly slag from welding of casing sections.

Routine Maintenance. Need some.

FDL. John's getting a new knee.

Second Tier Priorities

Hazmat inventory is due.

SWET hardware needs replacing. If possible, should be done with an upgrade in mind. No idea what that upgrade should be (i.e. go ahead and replace hardware with existing if appropriate) but most likely will be just addition of a CMG5TD.

John P is going to site near Tryon to do a noise test for possible NSN station CBSC. MONC is more difficult (can we do a borehole? 10-100' soil cap). Alot of Air Force property; can USGS get permit there?

Parts for ceiling mount of sunlab projector (cables and screen) are here. Need to do it.

Battery charging station. Need a hood. What to do about a body wash?

All strongmo stations serviced within past 6 months. On regular rotation.

FDL flooding. P-plant is allegedly on this.

CVTN and ASAR optical isolation. Need to upgrade to year 3 hardware. Hardware ready. Filipcic needs to install.

MPHB. Mitch needs to determine current orientation so we can pull it and orient correctly.

BB Test Facility. Need to install wiring and electronics.

VBMS. Proposal should be forthcoming in a couple days.

SEKY (now TZTN).
Installation immediately after the first of the year.
Need to schedule conference call with Overturf, Meremonte, Steiner, and Parker for early December
DAS: RT130, external GPS
Seismometer: STS2
Accelerometer: Episensor (I think)
Dish: Skycaster 0.74m
Post: 'Schedule 40' steel pole, two inches ID, two and three eights inches OD, supposedly available at Home Depot. Nine feet of post is required, six feet above ground and three feet beneath. They recommend a bolt through the bottom to anchor against rotation.
VSAT Box: about 12-15 inches high by 10 inches by 9 inches or so.

Timing. Greg has an easy way to generate a datastream that goes high when lock is lost. Need a worm module to monitor. BB monitoring is more difficult. How do we automate the status stream or even get it back to Memphis for logging? (Save it to file with Scream?). Note, new version of firmware sends status to both flash and stream. Hence, information will be in gcf2ew logs, but how do we monitor that? Maybe not a huge deal with broadbands since both Jim and Steve regularly monitor. Would still be good to have a record though.

Cowcamps pit is done. A tower is being constructed at the top of the mountain that have permission to get on.

Blohole property now in the hands of a private landowner. Will allow continued operation of the station but no vehicles (i.e. a 1.5 mile hike). John as some leads on an alternative site.


North Carolina station refurbish. Keep node at LRNC. Modify to be the same as a New Madrid node and minimize internet bandwidth required.

Calibrate S-13's.

Nagios. Reno uses this to monitor SOH for a variety of systems including nodes and seismic stations. Could be very useful.

Spare keys for new pickup.