Tech Staff Meeting Notes September 19, 2003

After missing several meetings due to various events we finally had a staff meeting.

Current Top Priorities are:ANSS, Athens Node, I-40 Bridge, ISISII

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Routine Maintenance.

Repair Generator. Done and tested. Power redone in machine room. The deltec is in the expansion space looking for a home. Still need to get stilgar and strider on the generator.

Need to do a recon at Shelby to make sure no damage occurred during the storm. No Damage.

Battery charging station. Need a hood.

Still need to finish 4th channel up grade on about 1.5 nodes. Degaining subroutines incorporated into xpick. Also available is a standalone version at /gaia/smeagol/local/bin/degain.

Need to do routine service on all strongmotion stations including clean out flash. Dump data on standalone stations and just nuke it on real-time ones. Need to find way to get status information particularly regarding timing. When in dual mode, appears to go to flash but not serial. New firmware sends status both ways. John is gradually installing.

2003 ANSS. Going to Cape week of 9/29. ET week of 10/27.