Tech Staff Meeting Notes July 28, 2003

After missing several meetings due to various events we finally had a staff meeting.

Current Top Priorities are:SFTN, Generator, Battery Charger, ISISII

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Routine Maintenance.

Need to redo SFTN. Done.

Repair Generator.

Need to do a recon at Shelby to make sure no damage occurred during the storm.

Battery charging station. Started. Need to complete.

Still need to finish 4th channel up grade on about 1.5 nodes. Degaining subroutines incorporated into xpick. Also available is a standalone version at /gaia/smeagol/local/bin/degain.

Need to do routine service on all strongmotion stations including clean out flash. Dump data on standalone stations and just nuke it on real-time ones. Need to find way to get status information particularly regarding timing. When in dual mode, appears to go to flash but not serial.

2003 ANSS. All the pieces and kits are assembled and ready to go. Still need optical terminators. Bob W. and John P. are still working on permits. When they're ready to go, we take a little trip. If a giant auger is used then we may be able to rent one in Memphis (though these should also be available locally). Bobcat rental will have to be done locally. There is $2k in the budget for equipment rental. Final 03 plan is:
Urban AreaNumber SitesOwner
St Louis, MO 6SLU
Knox/Chatt, TN3CERI
Evansville, IN2SLU
Charleston, SC2CERI
Cape G., MO 2SLU
No word yet on when we'll get sensors. Will not be held to Fiscal deadlines but this doesn't mean we want to delay. Would still be worthwhile to do as much as possible, then go back and install sensors and lantronix when they arrive.

MKTA. Still waiting for roof reconstruction. Do we need AC up top?

GPS. Jim helped get Covington wired to internet. There are no other requests for assistance at this time.

FDL. Initial laptop config complete and propogated. Still need battery boxes, cables, yada, yada, for 6TD's. Nasty old mulichannel borehold cable is on spools. Could theoretically build the "smoking room." Need to clean up.

CPCT. Still need gate on cave entrance.

PWLA. Need to replace sensor. Will upgrade to 3-c while we're at it. Done.

Second Tier Priorities

HTAR. Now points and is transmitting to MKTA. Need to do some work at MKTA and get it into the worm.

PERC wall for Gary. Done.

ASAP antenna. Done.

Station service. Done.

Ft Payne and Bardwell aftershock deployments. Done.

John needs 10 BAB boards. Done.

Still Working on TEMA firewall.

Weird problem with PII box from Chestnut Mt. John will send to CERI for repair. Done. Still mysteriously noisy.

CVTN optical isolation.

Need to pull MPHB for repair. Need to get orientation before reinstalling.

BB Test Facility. Will get Calvin Strong to do it for us.

SEKY and VBMS. Two new NSN stations. Mitch needs to finish VBMS analysis of noise data and write the IRIS proposals. VBMS will be done through Ole Miss, we have to do SEKY (KGS would rather we take the lead).

Timing. Greg has an easy way to generate a datastream that goes high when lock is lost. Need a worm module to monitor. BB monitoring is more difficult. How do we automate the status stream or even get it back to Memphis for logging? (Save it to file with Scream?).

Computer Room Power. Generator hooked into the worms. Deltec service contract PO is complete. Greg is making contact.

The original seisnets racks need new batteries.

Nodes need new batteries. Could extend life of new batteries if we had new chargers but this will take time we don't have right now.


ATHN. Need to keep our ears open for when the new tower is erected. Then make the move and convert to aironets.

Replace nasty old map. Done.

North Carlina station refurbish. Get a whole crew over there and more or less rebuild all stations.

Renew FCC licenses. Done.

Greg was ruminating and came up with this todo list. Much of it that relates to other stuff has been incorporated here.

Monroe. Still want to. But when and where?

I-40 Bridge. Boards construction continues. Will need to do a mockup soon. Looks like data are stored in dos "disks" at the DAS. Documentation indicates this can be a remote disk also. Do we need a different computer with dos disk sharing? How does this change our plan to use tcp/ip for communications? Mitch has other questions. Doesn't look like real-time data will be available. This implies that rapid warnings won't be either.

BB network upgrade. Necessary hardware on order. DM's should arrive in soon.

Pull SMA's as convenient. Hardware to go back to LDEO when finished.

Calibrate S-13's.

Permanent station at HOGG?

UM offers various computer application courses (e.g. Word, Excel, etc). the Spring schedule will be available soon. Check the IS Training Center website for more details.