To do List 6/3/02

1. Fix guralp cmg-3 or ship to Guralp. Done.

2. Finish design for bridge interface circuit

3. Finish design for bridge transient suppressor

4. Finish design for bridge remote control system

5. finish autozone central receive design for bridge integration

6. Update timing system for Autozone

7. Reconfigure first year anss stations for guralp? Done.

8. Redesign or reconfigure anss installation for new hardware. Done.

9. Order anss hardware. Done.

10. Finish design for worm brain computer rack. Done.

11. finish design for temp compensated battery charger AC or DC input

12. Finish bridge power system design

13. order small parts for bridge systems after designs finished

14. design new ceri computer rack(s). Progressing.

15. install new ceri computer rack(s). Progressing.

16. supervise generator installation. Done.

17. supervise new HVAC system installation and interface. Done.

18. reconfigure deltec UPS. Progressing.

19. reconfigure existing worm system power supply

20. reconfigure existing generator loads

21. configure new generator system loads. Done.

22. install broadband test facility

23. repair etching tank. Done.

24. install new air compressor and clean out under stairs

25. check out returned cmg-40. Done.

26. calibrate sensors for east tn

27. prepare for fall seismic experiment. Done.

28. finish microwave backbone to new madrid. Done.

29. redesign shelby forest ethernet

30. move computer room hardware to make room for system improvements. Done.

31. clean out attic of ramp space. Done.

32. build more battery boxes for ramp equipment

33. design interfaces and field packages for ramp equipment

34. design and install battery charging station in expansion space

35. install emergency shower near battery charger

36. fix building flooding in expansion space

37. fix mud accumulation under lean to shed

38. repair giddings rig. Done.

39. replace dried out batteries in existing worm supply

40. pm ups systems at all nodes

41.find permanent solution to ac problem at New Madrid. Done.

42. install etn stations

43.install high speed link from Starr Mtn. Done.

44.install new anss stations and provide design support for custom installs. Done.

45. neutralize spent etchant that has accumulated. Done.

46.Design and install Monroe La site

47. test calibrate and repair enough panda hardware for jer Mings project. Not funded.

48. build new battery chargers for bridge project

49. calibrate ISIS central receive hardware

50. perform noise study for 2.4GHZ sites. Done.

51.update and reapply for FCC license

52. check on fence for mud island site

53. Gallatin broadband installation (AJ promise)

54. Oak ridge broadband installation

55. Lost sea broadband installation. Fantasy.

56. Clean out sink room and reorganize temporarily surplus equipment. Done.