Tech Staff Meeting Summary 1/8/02

Old Projects

CVTN K2 if fubared. Mitch will verify with Barbara on repair procedures.

CBHT comm. Steve has the switches. Need to try it.

HDBT. Need a fence and gravel for ground cover.

NAIT. Mitch needs to check on VPN status.

SFTN. Jim had to disconnect K2 to get DBB working. Apparently some kind of weird network or tcp stack interaction. Steve will try using one of the switches between the lantronix and aironet to see if this fixes it.

DBB. Steve suggested a terminal server/watchdog to do dynamic resets when the hang. He will do a mockup to test the idea. Mitch will look into the ISTI worm module to monitor outages. Jim will check into getting the dish hung at NMAD.

Jim is getting some additional quotes for the NMAD fence. Has one for $1800.

Battery charging station in expansion space is waiting on P-plant to hook in the shower. Is this even on their list?

Need to move LNXT propane tank about ten inches. Legs should probably be reinforced.

Need to clean and service all node HVAC units. And do it on a regular schedule.

Steve has PO's cut to repair two broken aironets.

Mitch needs to get GPS station status from Marcello.

Mitch needs to find money for 20 batteries (about $140 ea) to replace the ones in the Deltec in the computer room.

Rehab Giddings. Arrange an instructional workshop.

Need a bb test facility.

Jim will update FCC License info (expires 2003).

ET. John pulled Pores Knob to avoid rent charges. How many stations do we really need in NC?

Jim has a list of NM stations to repair. Several need batteries. LNXT node stations are particularly hard hit. Soft ground makes access very difficult. Could really use a four wheeler.

Still need to find some sites for ET broadbands.

Russ is plugging away at RAMP organization/clean up. Need to get Buddy's shit out of there so we can put the cables in the closet.

Greg will have Pat start plugging at PII and getting old PI junk out of south campus (and into the dumpster.

Mitch will touch base with Monroe, LA. When can we do this?

Greg needs to build power supply for new brain rack.

CERI CMG-3 borehole station. Serial all the way to mudworm or a multiport terminal server?

FY02 ANSS. Coming up fast. Need to get moving on siting. Need to assist others on their installations. The distribution of work is: SLU (9 stations), UALR, UTMT, SLM, SIUC, BLO, Evansville, Cape, Harrisburg; CERI (9 stations), Memphis (I-40 west side, Midtown, North Memphis, and Collierville), Searcy, Jackson, Marked Tree, New Madrid, Blytheville; VPI (3 stations), Anna, Giles, Restion; USC (3 stations), Columbia, Charleston; UKY (1 station), Lexington.

Greg is working on version 95g of the I-40 installation.

Web page for vehicle maintenance records?

Mac got the Suburban fixed. Looks good.

Jim cancelled long distance service at NMAD. Can still call in but can't make long distance calls from there anymore. Take your cell phone.

SFTN needs solar backup power.

Need to do site visits of Lamont stations sometime this year.