Tech Staff Summary 3/8/01

Current Priorities in addition to routine tasks

Greg ordered tower section for Shelby Forest, still needs to get some miscellaneous hardware.
Steve has the mockup working end to end. Still needs to resolve issues with pipeline 50's.
Still need permissions on Edith, Mitch will rattle chains in Nashville like that will do any good.
No word yet from Falcon but won't be a problem.
The priority is to get the link to Marked Tree going.

ANSS Mitch is actively working on contacts for 10 new sites. At some point tech staff will get more involved. Need to be permitted by May 4 and operational by September 30. After that, strap in boys cause all hell will break loose.

Routine Maintenance
Tons of stuff to do that can't slide anymore. Jim knows what it is. Mitch will get waveform printouts of the node stations.

Board Shop
Progressing well.
Working on flooring and duct.
Numerous details left to do.
P-plant claims they're going to hook up the shower.

John is on leave for the next couple months.
Mitch has installed new mondo disk on gollum and will move it to rnbworm to provide space needed to add MTTN stations and future DBB.
John is waiting on callback from cable company for Cumberland Gap.
John will call Steve to coordinate Athens alternatives. Need line of site with Star Mountain and some kind of continuous connection. Steve found out that Athens does have a nailed up ISDN with an ISP and is looking into options to at least get picks out to the world. Will require a normal node in Athens and removing the two BSD boxes.
Getting reimbursed for the stolen truck and equipment is likely a wash. Mitch will check into getting vehicles insured either through an off campus rider or through private insurance.

Will keep pluggin away as time permits.
Mitch still needs to complete the code to handle the gain channel. Subroutines are done and offline PII style is available. On the fly will need less robust than offline to avoid potentially large and time intensive buffering. (shall we start a pool on whether this ever gets done?)

I-40 Bridge

Second tier priorities

Marion, LA
New CMG40T site

Need to test and calibrate 15 units on CERI campus before summer
Then inventory P/PII on South Campus
Then cannabalize whatever is necessary from P/PII to get 15 stations going by end of summer
Then cannabalize whatever is left to get as many others operational as possible
RAMPS shakedown forced initial assessment and it ain't looking good.

Need to verify that software works.
Downloads on Shelby Forest.
Power Supply for Fort Pillow.

Hell of a way to run a shake down.
Equipment worked very well, thanks Greg.

War Room
Jim installed the map mosaic and it is way cool.
Mitch will produce a station map for the ANSS-MA region
Chris will install the white board
Greg acquired raised relief maps and will replace the nasty old map.
Still need to get the laminate over the map mosaic.

EBZ/PWLA telemetry. Another repeater?

LNXT node Secure propane tank.
Secure racks.
replace coax jumpers
replace rg-58 unshielded jumpers

MKTA node

NMAD node

Need to record the SOH channel from the gps clocks to know when sync is lost (they will continue to produce IRIGE based on internal clock).
Greg has added channel to monitor gps clock. Need an ew module that monitors and complains.

Backburner priorities.

Station book. Steve installed earthworm v5. Word is, the schema changed again but this shouldn't prevent us from populating with meta data.

Status channels. Currently supplied on last 8 channels. Need a module to process.

LNXT node These stations are on indefinite hold until we see how the fit with pending ANSS plans.
permit/install L7 and L8

MKTA node These stations are on indefinite hold until we see how the fit with pending ANSS plans.
permit/install remaining 3 ISIS.

NMAD node