Tech Staff Meeting Summary 11/5/01

Top priorities, in order, are currently DBB link to LNXT, BB and SP network maintenance, ANSS loose ends, ANSS checkup visits, and PII.

NMAD node update. Need to clear around the guys probably first week in December. Can purchase chainsaws if necessary and/or get local help. Do need to have someone from CERI and Robert from G&D there to ensure nothing happens to the guys. Sam wants to save the locust wood. Also need to find a contractor to install a good fence.

ANSS station status. All stations are operational and 4 need communications. Mitch needs to touch base with Bohannon regarding CUSEC ip. HDBT depends on I-40 which is up in the air. Brewer is working on CBHT problem. Old firmware version didn't work. Will try older still. Different type of terminal server may help. NAIT is waiting on NWS VPN. Russ will visit CVTN to run the wires--the drop is ready. Arnie will be here November 12. Russ will help him upgrade 6 NSMP sites. Flash for CUSEC is still on backorder.

ANSS FY02 update Total 130 strong motion stations and 12-16 NSN backbone stations are planned. 25 are planned for ANSS-MA. CERI will install 9 and provide technical advice for others. We will not have to wait until the last minute to start this year. Siting will begin in 2002 calendar year.

GPS. Bob says he will provide a list of problems--nothing to do til then. Greg says Bob would like to turn this over to seisnets. Mitch is concerned about software and routine data collection before that could happen.

I-40 status. TDOT is interested in rapid notification and has approved funding for sometime in FY02. There's lots up in the air right now. Memphis Networx may be able to help with communications.

BB network status. Everthing is up and running. Steiner even managed to get all 15 40T's working simultaneously. Greg and Mitch found a good site in Monroe, LA. Installation will hopefully be in January.

SP network status. Jim has "inventory" from the summer site visit campaign. About 30 stations need work.

ET. LRNC took a lightning hit and blew out a bunch of electronics. John is fixing them. Trip to help John is postponed until this is done.

DBB. Link to Luxora is up. Link to EDIT tested successfully. Hope to have link all the way to LNXT in a couple weeks. NMAD will need a repeater. Will delay NMAD until station maintenance is finished. EDIT hardware is here. Need to ask the question: are we using the best hardware/vendor solution since support is so poor (both hardware and tech support) with current vendor. If there is a better solution, would be better to bite the bullet now and make the switch rather than throw good money after bad.

Autoreset gizmos for Lantronix and Aironets are on hold until/if we decide the hanging problems are sufficiently pathological. Reconfig of k2ew helped alot. Running heli on mkta also helped alot. Running an export should increase stability though there may still be occassional hangs.

Panda II is still the rainy day priority. The focus is cannibalizing Panda to refurbish PandaII and dump what ain't useful.

RAMP. Russ is working on it 3 broken k2's. MEQ's have been refurbished and are waiting for something to chase. Have 3 1-c L-4's we fix to hook to to the MEQ's.

Steve is buying a new wormbrain and private wave_server. These can be dc but will need another 48vdc inverter so we don't rob backup from current system. Also need 24 batteries at about $200 ea. Ouch.