Tech Staff Summary 8/14/00

Current Priorities in addition to routine tasks

11 sites operational. Good job guys.
Portageville will be repaired this week.
NWCC and CVMS are hung (hardware of the goofy DOS software).
These sites are consuming non-trivial time to keep them going. need to budget 1 day/week on average (use gps students more?).
As time permits, Chris will accompany Bob on a continuing search for the hard rock site to the east.


All tower owners are cooperative, but agreements are slow in coming. Projected installation has been postponed until October.
The Frenchman's Bayou site will be undergoing renovation and may delay installation for a year. We will know for sure by the end of August. If necessary, Greg will proceed with plan be when we find out.
Greg and Steve are organizing mockup of the comlete WAN. This need not necessarily be done until September sometime
Mitch will make sure we have 2 laptops for the installation to check signal strengths.
Greg is delevoping a scheme for getting the data from the unnamed tower into the computer room without going through the CERI router in the long building.
Greg has bids for antenna installation.


Need to pull remaining hardware from Ash Flat. The site has been sold.

Interagency agreement with TN Forest Service complete.
Permission to upgrade Grassy Mt, GA is complete.
Copper Ridge has a 20' soil cap; should we make it ISISII? Nope.
MTTN node will be installed when there are 3 or 4 stations up (September?). Hussey needs a 3 week notice.
Mitch is working on insurance claim.
Mitch is still waiting to hear from Shedlock before determining target location for the CMG-3.
Knoxville/TVA node is still slated for September. Mitch is working with Williams and Munsey.
LRNC has extremely poor telemetry and marginal internet bandwidth. Parker has radios for reactivation of High Peak as a repeater.
Lan is building a mux for it. Parker is waiting on the scope to align the xmitters. Given difficulties in getting ATHN continously, and personnel changes at EMA, we need to consider moving the node. Mitch will check into Cleveland State as a possible site.
MTTN will be installed with or without stations on the same trip as Knoxville

Board Shop
Stays where it is. Need to patch holes in ceiling, add ventilation, yank non-functional shower, and install eye wash station.

Jim and Chris were cruising until other projects took priority. Need two more weeks to complete LNXT and NMAD which we can hopefully squeeze in August/September.
Mitch still needs to complete the code to handle the gain channel. Subroutines are done and offline PII style is available. On the fly will need less robust than offline to avoid potentially large and time intensive buffering.

Done. Waiting for a decent signal.
Mitch will run a heli for a day to test.

We will attack this next week.
Reorganize expansion space.
Reorganize Chris' garage.
Reorganize lab.
Build shelves/cabinets.
Build battery charging station.
Set up computer room.
Build/acquire workbench.

Second tier priorities

War Room
Mitch has acquired a conference table and chairs
Jim will install a map mosaic covering areas where CERI has hardware
Mitch will produce a station map for the ANSS-MA region
Chris will install the white board
Greg will either fix or hide the nasty old map

Cannabalize PI to make as much as PII operational.
Check with Arch or Jer-Ming for account numbers to buy supplies.
Not sure where the space exists to work on this.

EBZ/PWLA telemetry. Another repeater?

LNXT node Secure propane tank.
Secure racks.
replace coax jumpers
replace rg-58 unshielded jumpers

MKTA node

NMAD node

Need to record the SOH channel from the gps clocks to know when sync is lost (they will continue to produce IRIGE based on internal clock).

Backburner priorities.

Station book. Mitch and Steve will install earthworm v5 in June. This will include the full blown schema capable of creating seed.

Status channels. Currently supplied on last 8 channels.

LNXT node permit/install L7 and L8

MKTA node permit/install remaining 3 ISIS

NMAD node