Summary of meeting with Withers, Steiner, and Powell Withers now supervises Steiner, McGoldrick, and Bollwerk. We will keep a projects list on a white board (perhaps also on the web in a private place) which will include projected start and end dates. New proposals must complete a CERI Technical Impact Form Steiner signs off on technical feasibility Withers signs off on temporal feasibility Powell signs off on fiscal feasibility. Jobs requiring less than half a day may continue to go directly to Steiner. Otherwise personel should see Withers to get them on the todo list and arrange appropriate start and completion estimates. Steiner may send personel to Withers if he believes the job is greater than a half day or if he is unable to meet the needs in a timely manner. Steiner, McGoldrick, Bollwerk and Withers will meet weekly to update the "monthly" board where specific tasks that each are working on will be listed. For general CERI building maintenance contact Betty who will make arrangements with P-Plant for repairs. Withers will have primary responsibility for prioritizing tasks. Personel who disagree with the established priorities may see Powell to have them rearranged.