Unfunded Equipment: Autozone upgrade Acquisition and processing system $3700 Sensor Repair / Replacement $4000 ?? Weekly Summary Fax hardware/software monthly phone charges ~ $150 price of new Solaris based software unknown; perhaps several hundred New field vehicle ~12k CD burner ~1k 9-track tape re-archive ~15k ?? (more technical effort that equipment) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Estimated time requirements for CERI technical staff numbered by current priority. Does not include effort by brewer and withers. 1) NMAD BB 5 days feb 99 1) PGVM GPS 5 days feb 99 2) Chapel Hill node 5 days mar 99 3) ATHN node 20 days mar 99 4) MKTA node 20 days apr 99 5) JBR node 20 days spring/summer 99 6) ISIS upgrade 90 days summer/fall 99 7) SACSN Broadbands 60 days sprint/summer/fall 99 8) Autozone 15 days summer 99 9) Communications upgrade 30 days??? winter 99/00 9) Northern SACSN node 60 days spring 00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is the standing networks to do list which is mostly from a digital point of view. Priorities are label with A being a top priority and C a low priority. Our current top priority is installation of the New Madrid node broadband stations. A close second is site maintanence of the backbone stations. Greg has his own list. A. Marked Tree worm conversion A. Athens worm conversion A. Chapel Hill worm B. Jonesboro Node A. Marked Tree broadband stations AAAAA. Backbone site maintenance (Greg et al) B. Routine site maintenance/upgrade (Greg et al) B. plan for node data xfer Steve/Mitch B. um_report (pager software, email) Mitch A. new review scripts Steve/Mitch A. Oracle Mitch/Steve A. comprehensive, reproducable hypocenter, pick catalog Christy B. locate node events Holly B. review node tapes Cheryl C. Hypo y2k Steve C. Xpick y2k Steve C. athn internet Steve C. acquire field laptop Mitch C. mkta communications (options for digital link) Steve C. autozone Steve/Mitch C. pipeline50 upgrades (esp multi-user @ ceri) Steve B. worm backups (pax on NT?) Steve C. options for continuous connections to nodes (Frame Relay?) Steve/Mitch/Greg A. USGS annual tech report Mitch C. Solaris worm start at boot Steve/Mitch A. scream2ew gaps Mitch C. trig2disk upgrade Mitch B. earth2ah Mitch C. y2k tests Mitch/Steve A. nmad broadbands C. degain module Mitch/Steve C. EAS hooks Mitch/Steve C. yavanna upgrade Steve B. Pink Palace drum C. Inventory (Mitch) D. rcv for Oxford and PLAL D. Lamont sm into jazzworm D. auto magnitudes