NetOpsVI: Field Ops

March 27-28, 2012

Berkeley, CA

The ANSS will be hosting a NetOpsVI Workshop March 27-28, 2012 in Berkeley, CA. The focus of this workshop will be the Field Operations. We would like this workshop to be more discussion oriented and less presentation focused than previous workshops. We ask that each network be prepared with at least one bullet for each topic. Bullets may be unresolved problems, solutions developed, and/or success stories. We'll use these bullets to spur Q&A and discussion. Those of you who attended previous NetOps will remember the time as a great opportunity to meet with technical staff from other networks, exchange tips and technical leads, and to build a greater sense of community among ANSS network staff.

The agenda is available at Please email Mitch Withers if you would like to participate in leading/coleading the discussion for a particular topic. Please email discussion leaders with questions, solutions, or unresolved problems for the various topical sessions prior to the workshop to help frame the discussion ahead of time.

We'll be adding new information frequently at so check back often.


The NetOpsVI Organizing Committee.