Notes from organizing committee teleconference on July 15, 2010.

Present: Paul Bodin, Kris Pankow, Bill Leith, and Mitch Withers.

We discussed the date and venue for the workshop. Its important to maximize the participation of networks already using AQMS. Several network managers will be at both the fall ANSS meeting and at NetOps so we decided to have both meetings in Menlo Park. The ANSS network managers meeting will be November 2 and the morning of November 3. NetsOpsV will begin in the afternoon of November 3 and continue all day November 4. If necessary, we can expand into friday morning.

We wish to have an open conversation between developers and regional users. Who are the developers and what do regions need?o

How did CISN/AQMS get to where it is now and why?

Knowledge of the database and how to modify and add to it is critical.

Have two concurrent sessions. One session will be for database people, developers, programmers, computer jocks, configuration people etc. Note that hardware and sysadm chores are minimal once the initial setup is complete (so we're avoiding the word sysadmin). The other session will be for analysis. The software session will have the normal flow from topic to topic with expert discussion leaders as we've done with other NetOps. The analysis session will do a round robin of the networks with each describing how they do things and what their experience has been with AQMS/jiggle.

Dave-O is arranging for the meeting space.

Participants will be asked to make a mandatory contribution for coffee. We'll need to identify a volunteer to make the coffee arrangements. We'll need a reasonably accurate head count and estimate of costs.

Until we have better names, we're forced to use the Tier I and II nomenclature. We wish to encourage participation from Tier II networks in the analysis session of the workshop.

Networks should be able to back each other up in times of need by running jiggle remotely and connecting to the correct database.

Also need a jiggle session in the software session.

How can we improve the documentation? There is a wealth of stored procedures that may not be known.

How do we get legacy data into AQMS?

Alarms and notifications.

Need to share scripts and other tools.

Designate discussion leaders and allow people to send questions to them ahead of time to be discussed at the workshop.

Wish to make invitations and open up the agenda to the community for comment as soon as possible.

Mitch will draft an agenda.