NetOpsV notes summary based on several emails last week. July 12, 2010

Paul and Mike are temporarily out of pocket so there will be no conference call this week.

Possible dates are during the weeks of
October 4
October 25
November 8
November 15

Kris Pankow prefers weeks of either 10/25 or 11/08.

Mitch volunteered to host in Memphis October 26-27.

Dave O also volunteered to host in Menlo (though can't make the 10/25 date).

Focus should not include multiple processing systems and instead should include only AQMS and related tools (e.g. INV, Hypoinverse, oracle, etc).

Should have two concurrent sessions:
Session 1: Configuring AQMS (depending on the network this might be sys admins or seismologists)

Session 2: Jiggle it might be nice for experienced analysts to show the novices the tricks of the trade. There is not alot of documentation and I bet there are some tricks that could be shared.

Renate Hartog at PNSN provided this nice description on attendees:

Anyone who is going to be involved in implementing the system should probably attend and that should be a team of seismologists, computer programmers, and system administrators. Or individuals who can all of these three jobs. The reason you need programmers is that you need scripting and SQL skills and it is useful to be able to look at code to figure out what it does since there is not much documentation. The reason you need seismologists is that you need to configure everything: provide velocity models, station information, station delays, decide on what magnitude relations to use, etc. etc. etc. Network managers will probably also want to attend.

Some agenda topics include:
magnitude calculators
hypo configuring
the many scripts and utilities people have written

Some People to include: