macro name = reduce.macro
*  reduce.macro - read in a file, reduce the traveltime and scale
*  for a record section
$keys num file vel xmin xmax
r $file
evaluate to d1 &1,dist
evaluate to b1 &1,b - %d1 / $vel
ch b %b1
setbb a1 (max &1,depmax (abs &1,depmin ) )
div %a1
*  break up distance range into 4 parts for amplitude scale
setbb a2 ($xmax / 4 - $xmin / 4 )
mul %a2
add %d1
setbb name (concatenate 'record.' $num )
w %name
keyword driven

equation for reduced traveltime - spaces count!
basically just changes the begin time of the file

normalizing the amplitude

shifting the seismogram amplitude so "plot2" can be used to plot
   the entire record section.

create the name of this reduced seismogram file



last modified 3/05/01