CERI Thesis and Dissertation Titles

1981 August Matthew Regis Bob MS Arch C. Johnston Significance of Earth Movements Along Lake Austell in Village Creek State Park, Arkansas
1983 August Ann Garrecht Metzger MS Arch C. Johnston A Detailed Analysis of a Major Foreshock-Main Shock-Aftershock Sequence of the 1982-83 Arkansas Earthquake Swarm
1983 December Susan Jane Nava MS Arch C. Johnston The New Madrid Seismic Zone:  A Test Case for Naturally Induced Seismicity
1984 December George D. Gracey, III MS Jer-Ming Chiu Focal  Mechanism and Seismic Wave Velocity Studies of the Arkansas Earthquake Swarm
1985 August William Mark Powers MS Arch C. Johnston A Seismic Refraction Survey in Eastern Tennessee
1986 August Stephen I. Brewer MS Jer-Ming Chiu Study of Crustal Structure in the Middle Mississippi Embayment Using Long-Period Synthetic Seismogram Techniques
1986 August Sharon L. Everett MS Jose M. Pujol A Joint Hypocenter Determination of Earthquakes in the Southern Appalachians
1986 December James H. Bollwerk MS Arch C. Johnston Seismic Study of the Southern Appalachians Using a Local Telemetered Seismic Array
1987 August Byau-Heng Chiu MS Jer-Ming Chiu Crustal Structure Studies of the Arkansas Earthquake Swarm region Using Three-Dimensional Velocity Inversion Method
1988 May Ronald T. Dow MS Eugene S. Schweig III Geologic and Groundwater Parameters Affecting the Stability of the Lake Austell Landslide, Village Creek State Park, Eastern Arkansas
1988 May Dawn Elizabeth Mullen MS Jose M. Pujol Generation of Synthetic Vertical Seismic Profiles for Two Dimensional Models and Applications to Data Interpretation
1988 August Robert P. Dziak MS Steven G. Wesnousky Source Characteristics of Earthquakes Near North Island, New Zealand and Their Tectonic Implications
1988 August Silvio K. Pezzopane MS Steven G. Wesnousky Earthquakes and Crustal Deformation near Taiwan
1988 August John Andrew Vlasity MS Jer-Ming Chiu A Study of Seismicity in the Subducted Nazca Plate Beneath the San Juan, Argentia Region Using High Resolution Digital Data Collected by the PANDA Array
1988 December Frank Walter Thomas MS Lisa R. Kanter Gravity and Magnetic Modeling of the Reelfoot Rift Along the COCORP Seismic Profiles
1988 December Don Anthony Vlasity MS Jer-Ming Chiu A Crustal Seismicity Study in the San Juan, Argentina Region Using Digital Seismograms Collected by the PANDA Array
1989 May Chia-Hsun Chen MS Wai-Ying Chung Shear Wave Crust and Upper Mantle Structure of the Southern Appalachian Region from the Analysis of Teleseismic Rayleigh Waves
1989 May Gregory L. Root MS Wai-Ying Chung Deep Velocity Structure of the Southern Appalachians and Tennessee Highlands from Analysis of teleseismic P-Wave Residuals
1989 December Ronald T. Marple MS Eugene S. Schweig III Recent Discoveries in the New Madrid Seismic Zone Using Remote Sensing
1989 December Guang Yu MS Howard H.M. Hwang Estimates of Strong Ground Motion in Shelby County, Tennessee, Resulting from Large Earthquakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
1990 May Benjamin Jose Brantley MS Wai-Ying Chung Source Parameters and Seismotectonics of Six Intraplate Earthquakes Bordering the Stable Continental Margin of Eastern China and Korea
1990 May Qiang Cheng MS Jose M. Pujol Three-Dimensional P- and S- Wave Velocity Structure from Inversion of Local Arrival Times. Applications to Data from the Andean Foreland in San Juan, Argentina
1990 August Wei-Chuang Huang MS Jer-Ming Chiu Crustal Structure Studies of the Arkansas Earthquake Swarm Region from the Analysis of Converted Body Waves
1990 August Robert E. Lemmer MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Estimating the Relative Ages of Offset Alluvial Fans in Southern Panamint Valley, Inyo County, California
1990 December Allison L. Dennen MS Eugene S. Schweig, III An Investigation of Loess Centers in Northwestern Tennessee
1990 December Alfonso Alvarez Wilson MS Jose M. Pujol Computer Software for the Processing and Interpretation of Vertical Seismic Profiling Data Including the Study of Seismic Wave Attenuation
1990 December Chengyen Paul Yao MS H. James Dorman Short-Period Surface Wave Dispersion and Shallow Crustal Structure of Central and  Eastern Tennessee
1991 May Lisa M. Leffler MS Steven G. Wesnousky Paleoseismic Study of the Southern New Madrid Seismic Zone by Using Liquefaction Features as Seismic Indicators
1991 December Zheng Ding MS Eugene S. Schweig, III An Investigation of the Relationship Between the 1811-12 New Madrid Earthquakes and Landslides on Crowley's Ridge, Arkansas
1991 December Bridget Lois Jensen MS Wai-Ying Chung Source Parameters and Seismotectonics of Three Earthquakes in the Stable Continental Interior of Africa
1992 May Yung-Tun Yang MS Jer-Ming Chiu Fault Zone Geometry and Crustal Velocity Structures in the Central New Madrid Seismic Zone Using Data from the PANDA Seismic Array
1992 August Fan Shen MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Shallow Seismic Reflection Survey in the New Madrid Seismic Zone - Bootheel Lineament
1992 December William H. McCroskey, III MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Sinuosity and Gradient Index as Indicators of Neotectonism
1992 December Maria Cristina Reta MS Robert Smalley, Jr. High Resolution View of the Wadati-Benioff Zone and Determination of the Moho Depth in San Juan, Argentina
1993 August Charlotte A. Haas MS Michael A. Ellis An Investigation of the Seismicity in the New Madrid and Southern Appalachian Regions: Origin of Catalog Periodicities and Seismic Rate Changes
1993 December David P. Nicholas MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Shallow Seismic Reflection Survey Across the Crittenden County Fault Zone in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
1993 December Narasimha Rao Patri MS Tzyy-Shio Chang Soil Effects on Regional Seismic Hazard in West Tennessee
1994 May Hongsheng Li MS Arch C. Johnston A Focal Mechanism Analysis of Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone Earthquakes
1994 May Tao Liu MS Wai-Ying Chung Source Parameters and Seismotectonics of Six Intracontinental Earthquakes in Argentina and Chile
1994 August Jiaquan Wang MS Wai-Ying Chung Source Parameters and Tectonic Implications of Several Intraplate Earthquakes in South America
1995 May Patrick Eugene Drouin MS Roy B. Van Arsdale A Paleoseismic Study of Crowley's Ridge and A West Bounding Fault of the Reelfoot Rift
1995 August Xiaohui Cai MS Paul A. Bodin Dynamic Deformations from Aftershocks of the January 17, 1994 Northridge, California, Earthquake
1995 August Yipeng Chen MS Jose M. Pujol Reprocessing and Interpretation of Reflection Seismic Data from a Reactivated Rift in the Andean Foreland in Northwestern Argentina
1995 August Kou-Cheng Chen Ph.D. Jer-Ming Chiu Earthquake Studies Using the PANDA and PANDA II Seismic Arrays: (1) Studies of Shear Wave Velocity and Attenuation in the Sedimentary Basin, and Source Properties of Local Earthquakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone and (2) Lateral Velocity Variations in the Hualien Area, eastern Taiwan
1995 August Charles Henry Lumsden MS Roy B. Van Arsdale The Northern Extension of the Reelfoot Scarp into Kentucky and Missouri
1995 August Baozhu Wei MS Shahram Pezeshk Seismic Acceleration Coefficients for Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee
1995 December Hong Gao MS Wai-Ying Chung Source Parameters of Four Intraplate Earthquakes from Modeling of WWSSN and Pre-WWSSN Data with Tectonic Implications
1995 December Yiguang Hu MS Jose M. Pujol Seismic Wave Attenuation in Germany's Deep Borehole Area from VSP Data
1995 December Yong Li Ph.D. Eugene S. Schweig, III Tectonic Evolution, Crustal Structure and Paleoearthquake Studies of the New Madrid Seismic Zone
1995 December Yongxia Yan MS Wai-Ying Chung Aftershock Characteristics and Their Regional Variations in Taiwan
1996 August Lauren Bauer MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Studies of Historic and Prehistoric Earthquake-induced Liquefaction features in the Mezoseismic Area of the 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes, Central United States
1996 December Duncan S. Matheson MS Paul A. Bodin A Laboratory Study of Interface Separation Waves: A Possible Explanation for Weak Crustal Faults
1996 December Jodi L. Purser MS Roy B. Van Arsdale Shallow Seismic Reflection Survey Along the Southern Margin of Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee, and Regional Implications
1997 May Zen-Sen Liaw Ph.D. Jer-Ming  Chiu Implementation of a Seismic Inversion Method and Its Applications to a Seismotectonic Study of the Southern Region of North Island of New Zealand
1997 December David Holton MS Paul A. Bodin Dynamic Deformation in Middle America
1998 August Robin Mihills MS Roy B. Van Arsdale A Structural Analysis of the New Madrid Seismic Zone From Structural Contour Maps and a Three-Dimensional Model
1998 December Minchu Mo MS Robert Smalley, Jr. Deformation of Andes in Chile and Argentina by Continuous GPS Measurement
1998 December Andy Tenbrink MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Neogene Geometry and Kinematics of Central Panama
1999 August Fuchun Gao MS Jer-Ming Chiu High-Resolution Upper Crustal P and S Velocity Structures in the Upper Mississippi Embayment
1999 August Deborah L. Kilb Ph.D. Joan S. Gomberg The Influence of One Earthquake on Another
1999 December Kwang-Hee Kim MS Jer-Ming Chiu Crustal Structure Study of the Taiwan Region from Receiver Function Analysis
1999 December Peng Shen MS Jose M. Pujol Simultaneous Travel Time Inversion for 3D Velocity Model and Earthquake Locations: Application to the Northridge, California, 1994 Mainshock-Aftershock Sequence
2000 May Kevin Smith MS Paul A. Bodin Using Microtremor to Illuminate Subsurface Geology of Memphis, Tennessee
2002 August Maria Soledad Velasco MS Roy B. Van Arsdale Investigation of Possible Quaternary Faulting Beneath the Cities of Memphis, Germantown, Shelby County, Tennessee
2002 August Sarah L. Brubaker MS Michael A. Ellis Tectonics and Topography of the West-Central Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Taiwan
2003 December Kwang Hee-Kim Ph.D. Jer-Ming Chiu Subsurface Structure Seismicity, and Their Implication to Tectonic Evolution of Taiwan
2004 December Victor M. Santillan MS Robert Smalley, Jr. Deformation in the New Madrid Seismic Zone from Continuous GPS Geodesy
2005 August Tandrima Mukherjee MS Paul A. Bodin Remotely Triggered Seismicity and the M7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake, Alaska
2005 August Thomas B. Brackman MS Mitch Withers Shakemap Implementation for the Upper Mississippi Valley
2005 August Concilia C. Fasola MS Charles A. Langston Reprocessing of a USGS Mississippi River Shallow Seismic Survey
2006 August James P. Davis MS Robert Smalley, Jr. Continuing Evolution of the GPS Array of Middle America
2006 August Laurel Bauer MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Studies of Historic and Prehistoric Earthquake-induced Liquefaction features in the Mezoseismic Area of the 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes, Central United States
2006 August Andrea J. Raphael Ph.D. Paul A. Bodin Seismogenesis and the Time Dependence of Crustal Strength
2006 August JuanJuan Cao MS Charles A. Langston Structure in the Upper Crust at the Southern Terminus of The Blytheville Arch, Eastern Arkansas
2007 May Qingwen Miao Ph.D. Charles A. Langston The Local Magnitude Scale and Seismicity of the Central United States
2007 August Allison Shumway MS Chris H. Cramer Focal Mechanisms of the Northeast New Madrid Seismic Zone
2007 December Danya R. Pase MS Eugene S. Schweig, III Tectonic Activity of the Great Northern Puerto Rico Fault Zone: A Remote Sensing Interpretation and Field Validation Study
2007 December Yvonne Paisant MS M. Beatrice Magnani Continental Accretion: The Caribbean-South American Oblique Collision in the South Caribbean Deformed Belt
2008 August Jerome Kutliroff MS Chris H. Cramer Seismic Hazard Mapping for the Dead Sea Fault Region
2008 August Ting-Li Lin Ph.D. Charles A. Langston Infrasonic Induced Ground Motion
2008 August Chuntao Liang Ph.D. Charles A. Langston Studies in Passive Seismic Imaging and Wave Gradiometry
2008 December Jiandang Ge Ph.D. M. Beatrice Magnani Imaging a Shallow Aquitard with Seismic Data in Memphis, TN
2008 December Gregory A. Johnson MS Mitch Withers Using Earthquake Focal Mechanisms to Investigate Seismotectonics in New Madrid Seismic Zone
2008 December Zack Lawrence Ph.D. Charles A. Langston Active Source Strong Motion Field Studies and in SITU Measurements of Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Shallow, Unconsolidated Sediments
2009 May Meredith Dunn Ph.D. Christine A. Powell High Resolution Earthquake Locations and Velocity Models in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
2009 May Ivan Rabak Ph.D. Charles A. Langston Crustal Structure of the Reelfoot Rift
2010 May Chu-Chioung Chi Ph.D. Charles A. Langston Shallow Crustal Structure in the Upper Mississippi Embayment
2010 August Elige B. Grant Ph.D. Charles A. Langston Gladwin tensor Strainmeter Calibration Using Seismic Data: Instrument Calibration Methods and Wave Gradiometry Applications
2010 December Solomon T. Ayele


Steve Horton Source Parameter Study Based on the April 18, 2008 (Mw 5.4) Mt. Carmel, Illinois Earthquake Sequence
2010 December Michael W. Towle MS M. Beatrice Magnani Variations in the Seismic Quality Factor Q for the Mississippi Embayment Sediments Utilizing Spectral Analysis of Reflection Data


Biniam Asmerom Ph.D. Jer-Ming Chiu

3-D Velocity Structures, Seismicity Patterns, and Their Tectonic Implications Across the Foreland of San Juan, Argentina

2011 May Paul Ogwari MS Steve Horton Effects of Style of Faulting on Earthquake Ground Motions in New Madrid Seismic Zone
2011 December Chigozie Obikili MS Jer-Ming Chiu Seismic Wave Attenuation in the Unconsolidated Sediments of the Upper Mississippi Embayment


Jordan Graw MS Christine Powell

A Study of Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure for the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone using P-wave Transfer Functions

2012 August Mehari Ayele MS Charles Langston Crustal Velocity Structure around the SAFOD Borehole using Vertical Wave Gradiometry


Mehmet Onur Mataracioglu MS M. Beatrice Magnani

Investigation of Collison Styles of the Caribbean Large Igneous Province (CLIP) vs. Normal Oceanic Crust Using Seismic Reflection

2012 May James Davis PhD Robert Smalley, Jr. Seismic Array Processing of High-Rate GPS Data
2012 December Melissa Driskell-Moore PhD Heather DeShon

3D Double Difference Velocity Tomography of the Middle America Subduction Zone Beneath Nicaragua

2013 August Nayeem Al Noman MS Chris Cramer Ground Motion Prediction Modeling for ENA: An Empirical Approach with the NGA-East Database
2013 May Sara Kelemencky MS Christine Powell New 1-D and 3-D Velosity Models and Hypocenter Locations for the Charlevoix Seismic Zone
2013 August Shishay Bisrat PhD Heather DeShon Three Dimensional Attentuation and High Resolution Earthquake Location: Applications to the New Madrid Seismic Zone and Costa Rica Seismogenic Zone